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Auchan Group: An organizational study

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  1. Introduction
  2. Auchan Group
    1. Legal articles
    2. History and time line
    3. Key figures in France as of 2003 (year)
  3. The group's offer
    1. Immochan France
    2. Supermarket
    3. The bank agreement
  4. Strategy development
    1. Auchan: A family business
    2. Implementation group
    3. Market positioning
    4. Distribution method
  5. Conclusion

We chose to study the Auchan group, because we were interested to analyze the operation of a large French distribution group. Since the first store was opened in 1961, the group has become one of the top distribution groups in the world.

The Auchan group belongs to the hypermarket industry and has branches which undertake the other activities of the company. Auchan is a paternalistic and a family organization, which brings certain limitations. Indeed, this makes us curious to know how Auchan can compete globally with its characteristics of family businesses.

[...] Immochan France This is the real estate subsidiary of the Auchan Group Immochan is a developer specializing in the commercial wing of Auchan since 1997. SIRET: NAF: 702C rentals and real estate The company aims to control the design, promotion, marketing and bustling centers based on marketing techniques. Immochan's objectives: -Purchase of land Development of space-malls -Developing sites -Marketing shopping malls and business parks The activity takes place in both at the hypermarkets and shopping malls and extends to the business parks as well. [...]

[...] Auchan: A family business -The capital of the Auchan Group is owned by the family association where in Mulliez owns and goes to employees bonus and mutual fund. It is a paternalistic organization. The system of mutual fund at Auchan is characterized by strong employee participation. This strategy creates motivation and commitment amongst the employees. Moreover, the Auchan hypermarkets are known for their warm welcome in the stores. -Due to its autarkic operation, the company had no desire to go public, which is seriously prejudicial to its global expansion. [...]

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