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Audiovisual production company ‘Night & Day’

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The Night & Day enterprise evolves with the changing market and more precisely with that of the DVD market. However, with the advent of digital downloads, the DVD market is witnessing a steady decline. The Night & Day Company nevertheless still has certain strengths that have enabled it to cope with the changing market dynamics, this does not mean it does not tap into the potential of the new technological possibilities.

Its main strength is that it primarily operates on the principle of ?collection'. The customer has already purchased a DVD and being satisfied with the product will often want to continue with his DVD collection. Because unlike downloads, the DVD is a physical object and can be aligned on a shelf.

The second biggest strength is regarding the topic of the DVD industry. The DVD market, even though it is quite immature, has a high rate of relatively older people as its main consumer segment. These people are not impulsive and they are not likely to download new image technologies in their computers. The DVD-themed cruise may still take several years before it becomes fully established.

However, the company, in order to deal with the crisis of the DVD, and also to diversify, tends to make more films: institutional or advertising. Indeed, the company has a huge collection of images.

Institutions and companies wishing to use the services of Night & Day do not need to finance a film: they simply ?choose' among the thousands of images of subjects on offer. This is beneficial for both: the acquiring company has to buy image rights through a contract, and Night & Day pays for the filming of these images by the sale of documentaries. The description of my duties will be to develop tasks that I performed in the production office.

These can be assessed in three categories: production, management and accounting, communications and marketing. Overall, I have worked both on the pre-production and post-production a film. I was also able to go to an editing studio in Issy-les-Moulineaux and meet technicians.
Night & Day Media Production is a public company established in March 1993 with capital of €15,244.

Its code is the EPA 921C, allocated due to the production of films for cinema (though the documentaries are not shown in cinemas, but on the small screen). It is registered in the "Register of Commerce and Companies" RC Nanterre B 390 233 872. Its activity is to design, produce and distribute films. The duo at the forefront of the company is Claire and Alain Dayan.

Night & Day also has two audio-visual production workers: a production accountant, who works part-time (Nathalie Baesler) and one charge of production (Nathalie-Claire Leclercq).

This company is above all in possession of a large catalog of documentary programs for television. The specificity of the company is based on the subject of documentaries: the discovery of a country, its history and its characteristics through a sea or river cruise.

This included the creation of more than 100 hours of documentaries from 2000 hours of footage, filmed on 5 continents, in nearly 100 countries on more than 100 boats, and with a circulation in France and more than 80 countries.

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