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Automotive industry: China

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  1. Executive summary
  2. Some major dates concerning the automotive history in China
  3. Vehicles sales evolution in China
  4. Vehicles market evolution: China and European Union
  5. Vehicles market evolution: China and USA
  6. European vehicles market evolution
  7. Evolution of the Chinese automotive production
  8. Chinese automotive constructors
  9. Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC)
  10. Chinese automotive manufacturers' sales in 2008 (in China)
  11. Foreigner automotive manufacturers in China
  12. Volkswagen Group China
  13. Renault in China
  14. Foreigner manufacturers sales (in China)
  15. Automotive production areas in China (2009)
  16. Imitation phenomenon in China
  17. Chinese automotive manufacturers strategy
  18. Technology transfert
  19. Sources

In China, the government does not offer premiums to the purchasers of new cars contrary to the US government or to other European governments. Massive infrastructure investments have been realized by the Chinese government to accompany this development. With more than 2 million km of roads, and more than 55'000 km of highways in 2009 (and more than 100'000 planned for 2015), China has the second world's largest roads and highways network, behind the United States

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