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Bella-vista: The rented residence of charm

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Our business plan has two goals. It can be used as a tool for structuring our corporate strategy as it helps to identify the opportunities and obstacles that may arise. It can also be used as a presentation and communication tool. With the developing economy, many people now do not hesitate to vacation abroad. Tourism and travel are two sectors that are booming, because people are now increasingly traveling all over the world.

Tourism is an important industry in France. Several tourists flock to France because of the various attractions the place has got to offer. There are numerous hotels that accommodate tourists and travelers. Apart from this, France also plans to rent villas and guest houses of great prestige, to accommodate tourists. There are villas and guest houses for different customer segments, the first of them being the AB+ category.

Apart from tourists, companies also sometimes seek to organize councils in an exceptional setting. France has become inclined towards this project after noting the scarcity of such offers and services in the Paris region, and also taking into consideration the soft corner that people have for exceptional places like these. After a market survey and SWOT analysis of Bella-vista, and client satisfaction surveys, we realized that this was a niche segment that could be exploited.

Resumption of the rental villas of charm, character homes and luxury, Bella-vista specializes in destinations in France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Morocco, Papeete, West Indies, Mauritius, and Bali.

The location of the travel agency and point of sale of Bella-vista is located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris at 24 rue Ravignan, in the heart of Montmartre, a historic and world famous place, a few steps from the Place du Tertre and the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris. In addition, it enjoys and the proximity of this tourist Mecca and a location which, therefore, raises a lot of way. This location also corresponds to the desire to put our Agency Bella-vista in the upscale and the presence in this area plays a role in order to reach a target AB +. The choice of location is very strategic because it is a major key to our success.

We decided to establish ourselves in a neighborhood, alive, attractive and affordable. This location is ideal for development. As we have already explained briefly, we find ourselves in a fairly busy area of Paris, first by the Parisians themselves, secondly, by tourists and is in a lively and famous place.

There are no shops in the surrounding areas with which we compete directly, they are not on the same segment as us and they do not offer a competitive advantage. The visibility of our stock in trade is good from the standpoint of the street. Moreover, with this site, we have a wide catchments area.

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