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BMW IMC analysis

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  1. Introduction
  2. Market segmentation
  3. Market mix
    1. The products produced by BMW
    2. BMW's product life cycle
    3. BMW's price ranges
    4. BMW's pricing strategy
    5. Promotion techniques
  4. External analysis
    1. Competition
    2. Political factors
    3. Legal factors
    4. Economic factors
  5. Strengths and weaknesses
  6. Opportunities and threats
  7. Positioning and branding
  8. BMW as JOY campaign
  9. BMW website and the story of joy video clip
  10. BMW Z4 roadster bring Joy to iPhone and iPod
  11. Launch of X1- Viral videos
  12. Joy as charity
  13. Jump for Joy commercial
  14. Print adverts and outdoor initiatives
  15. Measuring effectiveness
  16. IMC evaluation and recommendations
  17. References
  18. Annexes

The BMW Group manufactures automobiles and motorcycles, with strong emphasis on outstanding quality. The Group has three premium brands: BMW, Rolls- Royce and Mini. The company is also involved in financial services (A Case Study on BMW Group, 2009). For the scope of this analysis I will be focusing only BMW.

Today BMW is one of Germany's largest and powerful companies. Yet BMW achievements were neither easy nor certain. BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke and was established in 1916 during the First World War. The Company started by manufacturing aero engines. In 1945, the company was Germany's leading manufacturer of aero engines. It was important company for the economy since it employed a large workforce.

[...] BMW also uses other promotion techniques. They employ product placement techniques to associate the brand to a variety of films and actors, such as Pierce Brosman in the part of James Bond 007 agent driving a BMW Z3. In the 2000, BMW ventured into pure branding by issuing their own films featuring celebrities such as Madonna in ?Star' (Hespos, 2002). BMW also promotes the brand through TV plays and documentaries. From the information provided on the web (BMW agencies) BMW has an extensive list of network agencies. [...]

[...] BMW continuously strive to produce new models that would meet the needs and satisfaction of the customers, however, it is not certain whether these designs will make it to the market. In such cases the company would be wasting its valuable resources to a model that will not elicit significant return of investment. The price of the product is another weak factor. Although the company has obtained a significant market share in the industry, the luxury market is relatively smaller as compared to the general masses. [...]

[...] This campaign is also in line with their master position of ultimate machine' since it is conveying the same message that BMW do not just create cars, they create an exceptional experience. In an IMC program communicating the same message is fundamental. Although they applied the same adverts globally the company left the audience free of interpreting JOY. The connotation Joy= lifestyle=sheer driving pleasure= Efficient Dynamics = BMW is far from simple to interpret. From the research carried out, some viewers commented that they could not understand why BMW chose Joy as their new campaign. [...]

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