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Brand study of Louis Vuitton

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  1. Summary of a brand study Louis Vuitton
  2. Analysis of the marketing strategy
  3. SWOT analysis
  4. Positioning of the brand
  5. Target market
  6. Mix marketing
    1. Product
    2. Price
    3. Place
    4. Promotion
  7. Communication strategy
  8. Brand study
    1. Qualitative study of brand association
  9. Quantitative study
  10. Recommendations and conclusion
  11. Sources

Asian market is a very good opportunity since the Chinese market today is the third one in terms of luxury (12% of sales), behind Japan (41% of sales) and the USA (17%). What is more, Indians doubled their buying power between 1999 and 2003.

Another point that needs to be explained in the SWOT is the difficulty to pronounce the name « Louis Vuitton ». The brand image is above all a strategy issue. Some brands make the choice to highlight on purpose their French characteristics. Louis Vuitton is one of these companies who wish to take advantage of their French origin and who thus, try to emphasize their nationality through a phonetic senseless translation. Therefore, ?lù yì w?i d?ng? will rarely appear in the press thus favoring its French appellation Louis Vuitton.

Buying a French product, the Chinese consumer buys a part of his dream. French brands benefit from a valuable image towards the Chinese consumers. However, they need to go further in order to avoid undesirable French stereotypes. Louis Vuitton benefits from a very sophisticated image, very top-of-the-range image. Its communication strategy targets a very small segment of the Chinese society, which fuels the desire to acquire such a product among a larger Chinese population seeking a certain social economic status.

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[...] We can think that this kind of target is linked to LV by the fact Marc Jacobs is the Artistic Director of the brand and because it is kind of trendy to have a Louis Vuitton bag essentially thanks to Paris Hilton and others starlet like her. So, we can say that, following our quantitative study, ads reach their targets, find their public and Louis Vuitton is really aware of that. That is why LV has two kinds of communication. [...]

[...] Our targeted respondents for our brand study are the French people as well as the Asian people who are known for being fond of Louis Vuitton. Thus, we interviewed people of different age (18-20 years old as well as older 35-45 and even 65 years old), all of them belonging to the middle- class mostly. Quantitative Study Sample Our study was filled out by using Survey monkey. We had 150 answers but we are aware of an error in our study becoming from our sample. [...]

[...] Elegance/Refinement High quality: Innovation Target The main target of Louis Vuitton are ladies, high-class, rich and urban, who are living in a big town like Paris or New York. Consequently, LV also targets husbands of these women, which means entrepreneurs or chiefs executives and people with a significant income. We also can notice that LV is more and more popular among the young ladies, thanks essentially to Paris Hilton and starlets like her. But, the most important part of these young women is that they cannot afford a bag or anything with the signature of Louis Vuitton and eventually end buying the counterfeit products. [...]

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