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Business and society

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  1. Introduction
  2. Business and society
    1. Internet hackers
    2. Understanding sole proprietorship type of business
    3. Understanding partnership type of business
    4. Understanding the business nature of corporations
  3. Advantages of starting up a business using a sole proprietorship
  4. Disadvantages of a sole proprietorship type of organization
  5. References

A partnership is a type of business in which partners share with each other the profits or losses of the business. In a partnership the owners share financial obligation and are tax individually. A corporation is a legal body separate from the people that own it. It may be owned by and individual or a group of Shareholders, who can gain or lose their investments in the company. The companies' interest is divided among these shareholders and is put into to stock units. An advantage of starting up a business using a sole proprietorship is the fact that it's most simplest and popular type of organization.

[...] Business and society For this assignment I will introduce myself and give insight on my military education and other experiences. I will briefly address personal information about my family and my describe details about my military occupation. I will share detailed events relevant to my educational experiences and convey my future occupational strategy after receiving my degree. I will describe how businesses are organized in 3 major legal categories; sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporations. In this assignment, I will explain data that will illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of sole proprietorship and explain why I think sole proprietorship is best form of these legal entities Business and Society My name is Richard Norris Scott. [...]

[...] I want to learn the uses of computer analysis and investigations to identify, collect, examine and preserve information in order to protect others from computer scams and fraud which have plagued the web and our financial sectors. I possibly incorporated my Business administration education into my computer forensic knowledge I've learned that a Sole Proprietorship type of business is owned and ran by one person Sole proprietorship business owner is also known as independent contractors. There are no forms you need to fill out to start this type of business. Everything that the business earns and losses only happens to the owner. [...]

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