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Business events

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  1. Introduction and development
  2. The general objectives
  3. Communication strategies applied to the event
    1. The case of SPR (Special Public Relation)
    2. The case of RPR (Regular Public Relation)
    3. Promotion
    4. Direct marketing
  4. The main sectors
    1. Brand communication
    2. Corporate communication
    3. Collective communication
    4. Public communication
  5. The main types of events and success criteria
  6. Conclusion

The event, in marketing terms is a pretext used to advertise or change a course of action. It is characterized by the rupture it causes in a process, a habit which can then allow the beginning of a new communication strategy. In general, we can say that the event in its marketing approach is characterized by four parameters: specific grounds, the rupture, the revelation and the springboard.

[...] It also has to look at people as participants in its organization and at deriving a positive image. III. The main types of events and success criteria Events are classified into exhibitions, incentive programs, the road show, the parade, the festival, Institutional Festival, the exhibition and anniversary celebration. The criteria for success are: Coherent integration in the communication strategy of the advertiser. Clear identification of objectives. Customized design of the event. Establishment of a rigorous budgetary framework (insurance). Timeliness. Feasibility of the idea. No fault in logistics. Prediction of outcome measurement. Conclusion In today's [...]

[...] Direct marketing The events and direct marketing can be complementary, since one may allow the other to develop messages to the target. The event will then serve as a pretext for making contact by telephone or by mail. II. The main sectors 1. Brand communication In general, any event applied to a trademark is intended to establish, develop, maintain or redirect the brand image and establish a privileged relationship with the consumer. The event builds an image for the product that has been manufactured. [...]

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