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Business report: Nikon

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  1. An overview on Nikon's camera market.
    1. Nikon: A global brand.
    2. Specificities of digital camera: Seasonality & maturity.
    3. Strong brand values: Unique Selling Point & aesthetic design.
  2. Campaign objectives.
    1. Campaign objectives.
    2. Secondary objective.
    3. Campaign message.
  3. Creative execution & selection of tools.
    1. Creative execution: Target group & message strategy.
    2. Rational appeal.
    3. Rational appeal.
    4. Celebrity endorsement.
  4. Choice of media & measuring success.
    1. Communication environment.
    2. Media objectives & mix of media.
    3. Budget.
    4. Measuring the success.
  5. Sources.

Advertising and co., our agency is pleased to present the business report of the advertising campaign we want to implement throughout this closing date April 2006-March 2007 for the camera Coolpix on behalf the Japanese company Nikon. After understanding the target consumers' motives and the brand positioning of the company, the report will explain the consistent strategy of our specific and innovative advertising campaign. Nikon represents the second biggest major company on the worldwide camera market with a market share of 12.7% registered in 2005. Behind its American competitor Canon, Nikon has the most potential in market shares as it has registered the highest growth among all its competitors, 17.2%. Our advertising campaign must thus benefit from this potential gained from the past years and challenge in order to maintain its leadership on the market. As the worldwide camera market, Nikon's product line is split into two different segments.

[...] This strategy implies to be more effective before the buying purchase e.g. November before Christmas and May before summer holidays so as to fulfil the primary objective. TV seems to be the much more effective type of media as a person on average spent 3 hours in front of the TV. As for the rest of the year, we can choose only press, billboard and cinema to remain brand recognition Budget The budget for this following campaign reaches and is split into four different categories variable from peak times: - Audiovisual advertisements covering broadcasted in cinema, television representing more than half the budget - Press for magazines and specialised camera magazines - Outdoor advertising - Website where we can find the audiovisual advertising 14. [...]

[...] Before the buying process, as cameras involves a high level of thinking, consumers will find very carefully for information of the product taking into account various criteria such as technicality, resolution or quality of the zoom. The more accurate the information is, the less likelihood the consumer will have to find it by the competitors. In fact, the rational appeal must be used in order to fulfill the requirements of the consumers. The informative ad will be used mostly in magazines where the ad will explain very clearly the technology used such as the innovative lens allowing a great quality of the photo Emotional appeal The emotional appeal fosters elicit affective responses and conveys an overall image. [...]

[...] The creativity demonstrated by unusual photos will catch the consumer's attention and the simple and clear slogan ?What's your style? enables the audience to involve in the product and remember the brand name Celebrity endorsement The potential endorser for our EU campaign would be Victoria Beckham as she embodies fashion style and glamour. She's young, likes special luxury products and thereby would justify the idea of the camera as a premium product. We have thought that Kate Moss would not be suitable for the campaign as she has a very controversial image with the recent scandals and therefore would not fit to the image of our campaign. [...]

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