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Business strategy of Sahara Airlines in India

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  1. Introduction
  2. Ownership
  3. Profit sharing
  4. Sahara India
    1. Organizational activities chart
    2. Sahara India group
  5. Sahara airlines
    1. Introduction
    2. Achievements
    3. Implementation of IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System)
    4. Ingredients of success
  6. Marketing strategy
    1. High on quality, customer value and customer care
    2. Branding
    3. Sahara care club
    4. Advertising
    5. Other promotional activities
    6. Packages
    7. Retention marketing
  7. The customer's perception
    1. Factors influencing perception of service
  8. Conclusion

Sahara has one of the largest infrastructures in the private sector in India. It has a workforce of over 6, 00,000 truly committed individuals. The company has never had any union related problems due to the fact, that there is no union in the Sahara Group.

The organization has a unique concept of ownership i.e. collective ownership, which means continuous collective growth for joint sharing and caring that gives an input to their philosophy of collective materialism. The company's shareholders, Partners and Directors are from the workers rank and all of them have taken an oath through a Notary Affidavit in the court of law that neither they nor any of their family members shall have any claim on the assets or profits of the company.

[...] iv) Customized in Flight Cuisine: Sahara believes in the aged old tradition of welcoming its guests with a spread of delicious gourmet cuisine. Special care is taken in looking into personal dietary preferences. Which are anticipated and provided including special Meals like Jain Meals, Diabetic Meals and Child Meals. Sahara Royale has a unique concept of customized meal offer. The passengers have a choice of Thai, Mexican, Italian, Chinese and Continental health food is being incorporated in the special meal plan. [...]

[...] By achieving retention rates that are superior to the competition, an organization can yield competitive advantage regardless of whether its generic business strategy is built on low cost production marketing strategy. Marketers in India are finally accepting one fourth marketing strategies of yesterday are no longer effective. They need to develop retention marketing strategies to survive in the radically different market of tomorrow and implementing these programs has become a pre-requisite in the choice-choked buyers market. This realization has crept into various sectors, one of them being the airlines industry. [...]

[...] As a part of its pricing strategy, Sahara Airlines offers: - discounts to students 50% discounts to elder Citizens 50% discounts to members of Armed forces. COMPETITORS IN THE AIRLINES INDUSTRY MARKETING STRATEGY AN OVERVIEW AND COMPARISON In service sector, the marketing strategy hinges around the marketing mix, which is defined as the elements, organization controls that can be used to satisfy or communicate with the customers. It includes the 7 Ps which are product place, price, promotion, people physical evidence and process and of late another P relevant to the service industry has been added ie. [...]

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