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Business tourism in France

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  1. Introduction
  2. The problem statement
  3. The primary and secondary research objectives
  4. Preliminary literature review
    1. Definition of business tourism
    2. Values of business tourism
    3. Overviews of the tourism industry: How business tourism performs within the global market?
    4. Synopsis of the market
    5. The major international trends and challenges of the business tourism market
    6. Business tourism in France: Weaknesses of the market and strategies to be competitive and more profitable
    7. How France can take advantages of the British example
    8. The destination brand image in the business tourism and its interactions with leisure tourism
  5. Description of the research design
  6. The data collection strategy
    1. Questionnaires
    2. Interviews
    3. Focus groups
    4. Tests
    5. Observation
    6. Secondary data
  7. The sampling design
    1. The target population
    2. The parameters of interest
    3. The sampling frame
    4. The sampling method
    5. The size sample
  8. About research ethics
    1. The safety of participants
    2. The consent of each research participant
    3. Confidentiality and privacy
    4. Volunteers
  9. Limitations
  10. Data analysis plan
  11. References

Working in a family business, named DESERTOURS?, we perform in a challenging and competitive market: tourism. With twenty years experience, DESERTOURS? is the 4WD and motorcycle adventure travel leader in the French market. Our company offers trips around the world, including Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Okavango, Namibia, Madagascar, Venezuela and the United States. Over the past ten years, DESERTOURS? has diversified its range of skills and is now organizing sports events such as 4L TROPHY?, a 4L orientation race in the Moroccan desert, reserved for students, as well as the Roses des Sables Trophy?, a 4WD, quads and motorcycle woman-only race.

Interested to develop incentives in the French market, the main target of this study is to ?provide us information to guide managerial decisions? (Cooper & Schindler 2006: 4). We will find ?strategies and tactics to capture the highest return? in the business tourism segment (Cooper & Schindler 2006: 5). In this way, we will be focused on the specific market of business tourism: meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions, outdoor events, individual business travels.

This composition would be presented in nine parts: first of all, it is obvious to bear in mind the problem our research is required to solve and its objectives. Then, we offer a preliminary literature review, then a concise research design, a data collection strategy and a sampling design. Furthermore, we will analyze ethical issues in relation with our study and our limitations. Last, we will give a data analysis plan.

[...] Because France is the world top destination, companies which perform in business tourism can use the French brand image and its strengths to get the better return within business tourism Values of business tourism Lanquar (1990) shows that in a developed society with technological, information and IT revolutions, tourism and leisure influenced the system of values. In this way, tourism, and particularly business tourism is become the favorite place of a world which turns to more emotional relations with others and oneself. [...]

[...] This preliminary review of the literature provides exploratory studies in order to give us information about the French business tourism market and to deal with the objectives of the research. We can now introduce a description of the research design. Description of the research design We target to answer two main questions: How data are collected or generated? How are they analyzed? According to Cooper and Shindler (2006: we will ?describe what we are going to do in technical terms?. [...]

[...] Some ideas still are relevant and complete some objectives to better understand the changes in the market and issues of France The major international trends and challenges of the business tourism market Two others books are also relevant for our study. They target to identify and evaluate the major trends and challenges the world is currently facing. Written by Buhalis and Costa, the authors called them: Tourism Business Frontiers: Consumers, Products and Industry (2006) and Tourism Management Dynamics: Trends, Management and Tools (2004). [...]

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