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Call centers in France

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  1. Definition
  2. Duties and main objectives of a call center
    1. Main functions
    2. Support
    3. Telemarketing
    4. Telesales
    5. Customer loyalty
    6. Reduce the cost of benefits
    7. Increase sales
  3. A strategic choice for the enterprise
  4. Cost related strategies
    1. Cost reduction
    2. Estimated cost of a call center
    3. Relocation

Call centers are platforms for managing a large number of incoming and outgoing phone calls through the telephone, either using an operator or through an automated system. The call center may be constituted by an undertaking for its own needs, but it is most often operated by professionals whose services are rented. Call centers can perform two main types of activity. The first is the ?Out-going?. It employs phone operators whose mission is to explore the market through surveys or polls or to tele-market products or services and solicit clients. The second is the ?incoming? which provides support to customers.

[...] However, the costs of installing and organizing a call center can be overwhelmingly discouraging: the recruitment, training and equipping of advisors with high-tech facilities and quality infrastructure involves significant costs. A call center uses computer tools and sophisticated and expensive software. Estimated cost of a call center On an average s company spends 40-60 k per year per job, and this figure is multiplied by the number of telephones operated. Subcontracting and precarious status Call centers are usually affiliated with the company for reasons of confidentiality (as in banks) or to maintain control of activities deemed strategic. Cegetel, for example, outsources its directory service while maintaining in-house customer service. [...]

[...] In addition, through call centers that conduct surveys, prospects interested in products or services of the company are more easily identified. Increase sales Each call between a customer service representative and a client must result in a unique opportunity to deepen existing relationships. The consultancy should be able, to propose a new service, assess customer satisfaction, and reinforce customer loyalty in the course of a call. It should also be able to make suggestions to improve the product, etc. While there are strong synergies between the call centers, retail divisions and marketing, the appointment of trade will lead to better outcomes and marketing executives will have a vision of market expectations that is closer to reality. [...]

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