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Caroll Paris

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  1. Introduction
  2. Caroll's presentation
    1. Mission
    2. Culture
    3. Strategy
    4. Objectives
  3. The China market
    1. Country risk
    2. Chinese consumers
    3. China's textile market
    4. Competition analysis
  4. Strategic plan
    1. SWOT analysis
    2. Key opportunities and issues
    3. Porter's five forces
    4. Ansoff and Boston box matrix
    5. 3 V's and the 7 P's
    6. Smart objectives
  5. Conclusion
  6. Bibliography

The main purpose of the present report is to design a marketing plan for the French ?fashion house' Caroll who is aiming to enter the growing ?middle market' in China. In order to design an appropriate marketing plan, several steps have to be taken. We will first present the Caroll group in order to better understand its choice and decision to enter the Chinese's market. For that, we will do and internal analysis of this French company. Then we will analyze the concerned market: China, with all its strengths and weaknesses, its culture, its consumer's habits, and all the elements necessary to better understand this country and make sure that Caroll's decision is a good and sensible one. In fact, China is a very particular country, because of its status of the most populated country in the world.

[...] These ready to wear companies don't have the same position on the market as Caroll (for example, H&M wants to offer a mode of quality at the best price) but can take many of the market shares. Price versus competition matrix: To conclude we can say that the china's market offers great perspectives to foreign companies because of its size, its moving economy, and its opening to foreign countries. Caroll will be well-positioned compared to its competitors. But this country also has many inconvenient: the inequality of revenues, the unequal repartition of the population and the high competition. [...]

[...] Key issues: The main issue for Caroll in this case is China. In fact, the Caroll group should be aware of this particular market before entering it. In my opinion, the brand is reading to set up itself in a foreign country because of its many forces (brand awareness, good know-how, adaptability, reactivity Moreover the company has already foreign experiences. We can remained that Caroll is established in countries like Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Japan, Libyan, Tunisia, Reunion island and in Martinique and that it owns 80 shops abroad. [...]

[...] Finally, the last point is to define SMART objectives: Specific: Caroll wants to enter the Chinese specific middle market. Measurable: The objective is measurable. Caroll will be able to calculate its market share on the China's market, to see how the sells are doing, to compare itself to competitors present on the same market. Caroll can also compare the China's results to its results in the other foreign countries. Achievable: This objective is achievable thanks to Caroll strength and to its positioning. [...]

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