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Case of Google Inc.

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Information is Wealth. True to this saying, information has been the secret ingredient behind the success of many individuals and companies today. But, where does one need to look in order to get the right information at the right time? The answer: the Internet. But how does one start looking for information? The answer is simple: start looking through a search engine.

With just a few key words, anyone can find the websites that best meets that person's research. Since the development of the first search engines between 1993 and 1994, the market has gradually grown.

In 2005, the research market was divided as follows: Google occupied the dominant place with 68% of the traffic of the world going through its search engine, followed by the Yahoo search engine, which handled 16% of the traffic. MSN Live, a search engine of MSN from Microsoft handled another 8% in terms of traffic.

According to Jeff Weiner, Vice-President of Yahoo, who is in charge of the Research sector at Yahoo, statistics for May 2006 show that the number of requests going through the search engines rose to 1 billion requests per day, which is nearly 400 billion requests per year.

This market seems to become mature, particularly because of the concentration of competitors and the integration of businesses. For example, Yahoo has worked its first steps on the market in 1994 by outsourcing its search functions, but was able to integrate this function to its activity in February 2004 with the acquisition of Inktomi and Overture. MSN chose to operate its own search engine in February 2005.

Tags: history of internet search engines, working of internet search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN Live

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