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  1. Objectives and Evolutions of the Financial Results over the last two years
    1. Objectives
    2. The different development steps of Chronodrive
    3. Accounts
  2. The organizational form of the business
    1. The form of business
    2. The organization chart
  3. Management of the work force
    1. The Human resource management (HRM)
    2. Motivating employees
    3. Organization
  4. The way its product is produced and marketed
    1. The concept
    2. The Warehouses organization
    3. Chronodrive marketing: advantages and failures
  5. The Way it is responding to competition
    1. The competitors market
    2. The Chronodrive strategy
    3. The reasons of the increasing number of e-markets
  6. Its approach to ethics and corporate social responsibility

Chronodrive is a company which mainly deal food and hygiene products. It aims at supplying necessary products for families with children.
The special feature of the company is that they use the internet to sell its products. Effectively 98% of the orders are made by its website, the rest are made directly at the warehouse through terminals where the choice is more restricted. The Chronodrive concept was originally thought of by two men, Ludovic DUPREZ and Martin TOULEMONDE. Although it was thought of in the year 2000 this concept only saw its first shop opening in 2004 in Marcq en Baroeul, a suburban city near Lille, Nord Pas de Calais. Like most new concepts, the beginning was hard (about 100 orders by day). In fact, despite it being a revolutionary concept, consumers were at first hesitant about going to Chronodrive. This reluctance can be explained by the lack of communication from Chronodrive, using only word of mouth and also the fact that they were not seeing what they were buying.

[...] Figure 2.1 : Chronodrive organization chart As we can see, Chronodrive is structured as a divisional organization. Each store functions autonomously, as for example, recruitment. The company's division is also close to a geographical division. III. Management of the work force The Human resource management (HRM) Who are they recruiting? Chronodrive recruits young people, a lot of students. They are looking for dynamic and kind people who are between 20 and 25 years old, with or without experience. They offer contingent and full time jobs. [...]

[...] order to provide a service of quality, it is vital for the company that all the employees work in a good atmosphere. If something goes wrong between workers, the store manager acts immediately?. When asked for an example of such an instance, he told us about a problem he had with a superior first-line manager was behaving badly with me and others co-workers and the work atmosphere was getting worse every day. I reported this problem to the store manager, who noticed his bad behavior and fired him". [...]

[...] By increasing the number of stores, the ?word of mouth? effect is much more efficient. This is also why they are establishing Chronodrive in different places in France. The different development steps of Chronodrive The geographical evolution: The project started in April 2002. They decided to open the first Chronodrive in Marcq en Baroeul the 14th February 2004, as a test shop for two years. Because of the success of the concept, they decided to open, two years later, a second one in Croix. [...]

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