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Classification of hotels

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  1. Introduction to hotel and tourism industry
    1. Orgin of hotel industry
    2. Growth and development of hotel industry
    3. Industrial reveloution
    4. American inns
  2. Classification of hotels
    1. Size
    2. Location, client and facilites
    3. Star classification
  3. Criteria for the classification of hotels
  4. One star category
    1. General features
    2. Facilites
    3. Services
  5. Two star categories
    1. General features
    2. Facilities
    3. Services
  6. There star categories
    1. General features
    2. Facilities
    3. Service
  7. Four star categories
    1. General features
    2. Facilities
    3. Service
  8. Five star categories
    1. General features
    2. Facilities
    3. Service
  9. Basic guest needs
  10. Conclusion

A hotel is defined by British law as the place where a bona fide traveler can receive food and shelter, provided he is in a position to pay for it and he is in a fit condition to be received. Hence, a hotel must provide food and shelter and has, in turn, the right to refuse if the traveler is drunk, disorderly, unkempt, or if he is not in a position to pay for the services.

The hotel industry is one of the oldest commercial endeavors in the World, the first inns were built in the 6'th century B. C. and were the products of the urge to travel spurred by the invention of the ?wheel?. The earlier beds were not like today's beds, so sometimes the traveler had to sleep on the floors, the inns also provided food and drinks and other facilities. The cooking service and recreation was done by the family who ran the inn.

In England, public houses were known as ?inns' or taverns'. Between 1820 to1950, English hotels gained the reputation of being the finest in the world. Later, for some reasons, the English inns failed to show further development and became either unwilling or unable to institute progress.

[...] Housekeeping at the hotel should be of good standard and clean and good linen, blanket, towels, etc should be provided. THERE STAR CATEGORIES General features: The architectural features and general construction of the building should be of a very good standard and the area including the immediate approach and environment should be suitable for a very good hotel. There should be adequate parking facilities for cars. The hotel should have at least twenty lettable rooms all with attached bathrooms with bathtub or with shower and should be modern in design and well equipped with fittings of good standard. [...]

[...] By 1000 A.D., it was evident that the United States was assuming leadership in the development of the modern first class hotel. While European hotels were run for anyone who would take advantage of the hotel services as long as he lives permanently, the traveling habit of the Americans continued to have tremendous influence on the entire hotel industry. FIRST BUILDING FOR HOTEL PURPOSE IN U.S.A. The real growth of the modern hotel industry took place in the U.S.A., beginning with the opening of the ?CITY HOTEL' in New York in 1974. [...]

[...] It should have a least 25 lettable rooms as well as appointed staff and attached bath with the most modern shower, and 24hr service of hot and cold water. All the public chambers and rooms should be appointed with good quality carpets and curtains. There should be a well- appointed and huge lobby, cloakrooms for ladies and gents with furniture of high standard. FACILITIES: There should be a reception, cash and information counters manned by highly skilled, courteous and professional staff. [...]

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