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Coca-Cola’s product marketing strategy

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  1. Introduction
  2. History of the Coca-Cola company
  3. The advent of bottling
  4. The woodruff influence
  5. Analysis of consumer markets and buyer behavior
  6. Coca-Cola's product line
    1. Coke II
    2. Sprite
    3. Cherry coke
    4. Fanta brands
    5. Fresca
    6. Tab
    7. Mr. Pibb
    8. Minute maid
    9. Power ade
    10. Surge
  7. Advertising and marketing
  8. Ad creation
  9. Organization
  10. Quality production
  11. Aggressive marketing

The Coca-Cola Company: Who would have ever thought that what began as a local soda fountain curiosity on May 8th 1886, would become the world's favorite soft drink. From its simple beginnings, Coca-Cola has grown to be a part of life in cities and towns around the world. The Coca-Cola Company has a remarkable history, one that has led to the success that they enjoy today. But they have never been satisfied with what they have achieved. Their main driving force is itself the belief that the consumers of their products are not concerned with the accomplishment of the past, but rather with excellence in the present. Then and now, the commitment to serving the consumers and to increasing share owners value have been company's driving goals. The Coca-Cola Company clearly believes in keeping in touch with the simple desire of the people, everywhere to pause ??refresh and enjoy. Satisfying this need is the core of their success.

[...] AD CREATION: Advertising the world's best known consumer product demands the talents of Professionals in many different areas. The company enlists the very best experts in the creative, media planning and buying, research and sales promotion arenas from several advertising agencies to work in cooperation with its internal marketing and media teams. Because these agencies are used exclusively for ad creation, the company chooses not to accept the ideas from the general public. COCA-COLA is the world's most global brand; they are doing business in more than200 countries. [...]

[...] It's to be noted that Coke has taken a number of steps towards PRODUCT ADAPTATION to suit its product to the needs of the consumer. These may be summarized as: BRAND SELECTIVITY: Inclusion of those brands in the market for which there already exists some rival brand. SEGMENTATION: Psychographic segmentation: On the basis of LIFESTYLES/PERSONALITY/VALUES: Available in different types of packages like bottles, cans, Crates etc. This lays emphasis on providing you the product as you like it. This is for the people who want to make their drink Lifestyle Statement? Behavioral segmentation: On the basis of behavioral variables such as: Advertising and marketing When it comes to advertising nobody can beat the BIG RED. [...]

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