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Communication in a crisis: McDonald’s campaign against the mad cow disease

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  1. Introduction
  2. McDonald
  3. The great crisis in McDonald
    1. The trigger
    2. Change in communication strategy
  4. Reasons for the re-emergence of this problem
    1. Mad cow disease
    2. Reappearance of the mad cow disease
    3. McDonald's response
    4. Initial response
  5. The purpose of perpetuating their communication activities on food quality
    1. Reassuring mothers
    2. Dietary specifications of McDonald compared to daily nutritional needs
    3. Presence of a booth at an agricultural fair
  6. Conclusion

Today, communication plays an important role in corporate strategies. It exists in various forms: internal communications, external communications and event communications. Companies often choose to focus on communication during a crisis. Of the numerous cases of corporate crisis that have emerged recently like that of the mad cow disease, which was associated with McDonald is analyzed in this document.

[...] It is thus possible to know the amount of calories (nutrition information) in a meal and to compare the daily nutritional needs. On its website, McDonald insists on the quality of its products and the fact that you can eat healthy in their restaurant. They even give advice on balanced diet with interactive features connected to our daily expenses. c. Presence of a booth at an agricultural fair In synchronization with these communication efforts, the last stage of the launch was set up. [...]

[...] giant was found in the middle of the Salon of Agriculture, not hesitating, throw open its own doors to its customers and the same time its suppliers. In this scenario too, the company used its website to communicate the quality of its food. Customers discover the way farm produce reaches their plate. They are also able to understand the approach to verify quality requirements. They can understand the lines of supply, origin, processing, packaging and traceability of ingredients in products. [...]

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