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Communication strategy of the Auchan group

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The Auchan hypermarkets have been a family business, and directed by Mr Gerard Mulliez, since its inception. The Auchen group, which celebrated 40 years of existence in the sector of large distribution in 2001, has adopted the ""price policy"" of penetration, to stay abreast in the market. The food products that it sells thus give customers good value for money on their purchases.

The company maintains admirable core values including the policy of sharing, internationalization, respect and the family spirit, despite being a decentralized organization. This has in turn led to the employees to harbor deep commitment towards the company. This strategy is not only to seek alliances and partnerships, but also to involve all company employees in pursuing a policy of accountability to the company.

It would thus be necessary to understand the means and the manner in which the company will communicate its values and its strategy to its employees. We also need to understand if this communication is only for the employees, whether or not it is also meant for external targets like financial institutions and customers. Auchan has succeeded in this aspect owing to its sharing policy i.e., sharing power, knowledge and assets.

The power-sharing encourages personal initiative among employees, and encourages them to take responsibility. Since their decision is trusted, it prompts them to participate actively in all the activities related to the company. Sharing knowledge involves training and educating employees, so that they can take responsibility and ensure personal and professional growth. The idea behind sharing is to have employees interested in the economic performance of the company, by giving everyone the opportunity to become a shareholder in the company.

The corporate culture of the Auchan group is highlighted in its communication. This retail giant also stresses its strong values among its employees to maintain their motivation.

We must constantly remind them that the collective performance of the company is based on the performance of each. We note elsewhere in the text that "a lot of energy is devoted to self-motivation of employees". Mr. Christophe Dubrulle, who is now chief executive, demonstrates that it is possible to implement upward mobility within the company. Since its inception, the retailer Auchan is controlled by the Mulliez family. It therefore communicates internally on family values of the company.

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