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Companies clearing transition from public to private: Confront high degree of risk

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  1. Introduction
  2. Analysis of gene one's concept applications
  3. Genetech
  4. Cleveland BioLabs, Inc
  5. First Choice Airways
  6. Allstate
  7. Kentucky Fried Chicken
  8. El Pollo Loco
  9. Conclusion
  10. References

All companies clearing the transition from private to public confront a high degree of risk. A solid organizational structure, firm transitional leadership, and effective communication play a predominant role in the changeover. Organizational structures today often deal with a drastic and far-reaching change in thinking and ways of behaving to achieve objectives more effectively--like the strategic plan of an IPO. ?Organizational structure refers to the division of labor as well as the patterns of coordination, communication, work flow, and formal power that direct organizational activities? (McShane & Von Glinow, 2005, p.1). Patterns of effective communication play, perhaps, the most instrumental role when making such a dramatic conversion. While informal communication may be a coordinating mechanism in all organizations, coordination through effective communication to reach public status reigns paramount. All researched companies supported effective communication by forming efficient cross-functional teams and moving team members toward a common goal. Just like Gene One as each individual company grew, they developed a ?second coordinating mechanism in the shape of a formal hierarchy.

[...] El Pollo Loco In comparison to Kentucky Fried Chicken, El Pollo Loco is one of the company's competitors throughout California. Famous for its Spanish name The Crazy Chicken, El Pollo Loco stirred up curiosity when it entered the market place. The company was founded in Guasave, Mexico in 1975. El Pollo Loco's secret is its fresh chicken marinated in a signature of herbs, spices and citrus juices flame-grilled and served hot off the grill with warm tortillas (El Pollo Loco, 2007). [...]

[...] ?Responding to Wall Street's concerns, the genetic engineering firms began hiring employees who wore business suits instead of lab smocks brought in a new president, Robert Fildes, who had been vice president of operations at Bristol- Myers Fildes quickly recruited a cadre of experienced managers with M.B.A.s including some of his old colleagues from Bristol-Myers? (Alexander p. 1). Additionally, Genetech relied on its functional structure to trim back previous rambling research to focus on more attractive projects with commercial potential. [...]

[...] Its decision to go public factored on a desire for increased growth rate--as well as to fund further research and development of anti-cancer drugs, drugs for the protection of normal tissue from radiation exposure, and other new drugs. The firm's protection in the stock market highly depended on a solid organizational structure and transformational leadership: functional structure, competency perspective and strong development of contingency leadership theories. Their win-win orientation allowed their rising above the risk hurdles that investors fear. And their high price to earnings ratio reflected their impregnable leadership capability. [...]

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