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Corporate training: A case study of McDonald's

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  1. Introduction
  2. Why McDonald's has committed itself to the draft of Atilla Cocon
  3. Do you encourage your employees to join the program, or expect that they will take the initiative to do so?
  4. Does this initiative fit in your recruitment policy?
  5. In theory, can anyone who has started flipping burgers be found at the headquarters in Diegem?
  6. Do you not fear the leakage of talented workers, once you've helped them earn a diploma
  7. Does McDonald's view training as a sort of social mission?
  8. McDonald's has so to say, its own school. How does this work?
  9. But outside the fast food chain, these degrees are not recognized
  10. Has the economic crisis affected the education policy at McDonald's?
  11. Company is profiled in terms of diversity. Is that a deliberate choice or a necessity?
  12. Time when the world of fast food had a bad reputation of being poor paymasters paid and unattractive job roles
  13. Conclusion

The burger chain McDonald's was aware of this term even before it made its appearance. "Education is rooted in our culture," says Sabine Gekiere, HR manager of McDonald's Belgium branch. "It is part of our DNA". Now that it is possible to enhance the internal training system in a shortened process to get a degree in Operational Manager universally recognized the fast-food company has willingly climbed onboard the learning train. This concept promotes good work practices.

[...] Furthermore, it is a fact that we provide all sorts of efforts to maintain employee satisfaction levels in collaboration with the franchisees. We motivate and recognize our staff across all our activities. We conduct an annual satisfaction survey and an action plan is then developed based on the results of this investigation. This varies for each site based on the comments collected. We are organizing events on a national level to bring together the staff to recognize and, congratulate them on their achievements. [...]

[...] As a result of the publication of these examples abroad, the association Cocom contacted us to assess if we were also interested in this project. We were, since learning is our tradition and our training pattern largely coincided with the ongoing project Katho Atilla. We also had the opportunity to gain recognition for our courses. It goes without saying that we have taken this initiative because we want to continually offer our employees opportunities for development, including in-service training. Indeed, the program titled 'operational manager in commercial-distribution? also includes some material which they are not offered here. [...]

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