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Producing coconut oil for industrial purposes in Madagascar

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  1. Introduction
    1. General information about the company
    2. General information about the sponsors
    3. The objective of the project
  2. Market research and marketing strategies
    1. Activity history
    2. The various products offered
    3. Presentations Market
  3. Study planned production, expected purchases and other expenses related to production, sales forecasting
    1. Description of the production envisaged
    2. Planning of production
    3. Product Specifications
    4. Expected purchases and other charges related to the production
  4. Location of the site
    1. The economic and social development in Zone
    2. Local situation and condition
    3. Description and site selection operating
  5. Technical study
    1. Manufacturing Process
    2. Different rules to follow
    3. Site plan for construction and their respective costs
  6. Organization and human resource
  7. Investments
  8. Finance

As the Malagasy economy does not hold forth great prospects for the industrial utilization of coconut oil, we propose to create a company called "Enterprise for the Industrial Exploitation of Coconut Oil" to improve it.

The objective of the project:
- Ensure the development of the market regarding foreign trade
- Meeting demand in consumer countries, by taking into account the quantity produced
- Providing a commitment to produce coconut oil, keeping the product quality and purity in mind; this allows the retention of these countries as customers.

Project Interest:
- The entry of foreign currency for the expansion and improvement of the company's market and investment,
- Increasing the staff and workers (recruitment potential) to help balance the needs of work and remuneration in the company,
- Motivating of the producer of copra by local presence, in addition to that of the company Soavoanio.

According to scientific studies, the most significant areas of coconut oil production have been found in parts of South East Asia, which features the greatest variety and character among the existing coconut trees in the world.
Due to the abundance of coconut trees in these geographic locations, they hold great interests for the residents of these areas, mostly Asian countries including Philippines, Indonesia, Ceylon, Malaysia, and so on. Cuniculture has represented a large share in the economy for these countries over the last three centuries.

In recent centuries, the production of oil from these nuts became popular, and its potential evolved greatly. Thus, the production of coconut oil initially emerged in these four countries, and then spread to a few countries in America and Africa.
Cuniculture is one of the priority projects in different countries for different reasons, such as the industrial exploitation, or goals related to the rural environment and especially the economy.

In Madagascar, cuniculture began to be gain prominence in the prefectures of SAVA (Sambava - Antalaha - Vohemar - Andapa) as well. According to the statistics of 2002, the planted area (7828 ha) increased by 40% with the help of EDF, with an aim towards achieving the goal of developing Madagascar as an industrial destination.

It should be noted that the region of Sambava is the most productive in the field of coconut cultivation, considering that it occupies 80% of cultivated area (7646.6 ha) due to geological factors favorable to planting coconut.

All this allows us to position ourselves on the market; however, it is necessary to identify our competitor, and in Madagascar, there is only one competitor in the area of production of "Coconut Oil", Soavoanio, headquartered in Sambava. We can thus say that the market is currently monopolized. The market (local or foreign) is not yet in a saturation phase. It should be noted that there is an industrialization of coconut oil on the pattern of Soavoanio in Mahajanga.

Our headquarters are located in Mahajanga. Before offering the product, it is important to know that these products are made from copra (dried albumen), which means that our orders with suppliers depend on the procurement of copra bags.

[...] ) communications, Receiving reports office results monthly meeting French: Very good Reception staff scores Receiving recommendations from staff Internal and external telephone communication the warehouse, workers years of university Develops marketing study strategy including the practice of price for each product Higher education Quality control of qualification in MP, commerce Equivalent relations with other departments Negotiating with the outside on the sale of product Direction of the local sales Achievement of favorable Turnover Receiving orders from higher Technical Operates production BA subcontractor (Maintenance and repair) Production of higher Quality Control & fat quantity of finished products Plans to increase Ability to control production and control of Ensures orders industrial Workers Machinists production Receives orders from higher Equivalent relationship with other departments (advice, confrontation of ideas . [...]

[...] purchases and other expenses related to production, sales forecasting III.1 Description of the production envisaged III Monthly production by product III Annual output by product III.2 Planning of production III.3 Product Specifications III Coconut Oil III Copra meal III.4 Expected purchases and other charges related to the production III st year III Year II III Year III III Year IV III Year V III Explanations of the obligations of certain charges IV Location and location of the site IV.1 The economic and social development in Zone IV.2 Local situation and condition IV.3 Description and site selection operating V Technical study V.1 Manufacturing Process V Useful equipment V Diagram of production V Raw materials and supplies V Production capacity V.2 Different rules to follow V Surfaces and facilities necessary thereto V The arrangements regarding health and safety V The arrangements for maintenance of equipment and infrastructure V The arrangements for the protection of the environment V.3 Site plan for construction and their respective costs V Costs of constructing the field (Table No. [...]

[...] III THE Production study proposed, expected purchases, and other charges related to the production sales forecasting By giving importance to industrial exploitation, the production envisaged is as follows: III.1 Description of the intended production III Monthly production by product Table 10: Monthly Production by Product o Coconut Oil Unit: Kg Copra meal Unit: Kg III Annual output by product : Table 11: Annual Production by Product o Coconut Oil o Copra meal III.2 Production planning Our production planning is done step by step in the successive five years that have the operations and actions that we must achieve. [...]

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