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Creation of a dry fruit company in Madagascar

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Project Objective:
The objective of this project is to introduce our products in all provinces, therefore, we intend to produce quite a substantial amount, around 57,000 kg / year to be distributed for each product as follows:
-Dried banana ? 27,000 kg / year
-Dried pineapple - 11,600 kg / year
-Dried coconut 12,000 kg / year
-Dried litchis 6,400 kg / year

Project focus:
This project will enable the Ivato region to upgrade its industries thus boosting regional development by creating employment opportunities to the local population. It also aims to improve the quality of production and products requiring efficient equipment and proficient maintenance workers to achieve maximum production.

We plan to acquire another machine in the following years, increasing our production and to reducing the unit cost to ensure our viability and even monopolize sales in Madagascar in the dry fruit sector.

The dried fruit industry in Madagascar has still not been exploited industrially. It is a sector that has been active in Madagascar for decades; however, the traditional staple is still dried bananas, for example, on the east coast of Toamasina. Though the practice of producing dried fruits is widespread, production is still mostly ?homemade" or with outdated materials. At the moment, very few players still occupy this product in the domestic market and some exploit the international market.

We chose these products because we want:
? Industrialization of all products already established in Madagascar but are still traditional
? Adapt the product to all classes of people,
? Provide a quality product at low prices;
? Distributing our products in all regions in Madagascar
? Impose the brand's presence,
? Conquering the domestic market,
The viability of this project is assured because previous studies already show potential for this undertaking. It is composed of four components:
-Supply Study
-Demand surveys
-Study of Marketing Mix
-Strategy Implementation

? To conquer the national market and achieve our forecast, we will try to:
-Improve product quality to meet customer demand,
-Reduce the price of the product compared to competitors
-Increase market share
-Improve brand image
? To extend these objectives, we will implement some initiatives and marketing strategies such as:
? To offer a better level of quality to consumers, we will consider upgrading the packaging for these products by hiring a specialist in packaging to create an attractive product that will instantly appeal to the consumers;
? For customer loyalty, we will adopt a strategy of fixing competitive prices;

We can also improve the distribution system by identifying and targeting potential consumers that overlap on different markets.

To facilitate ease of payment, we will accept credit cards, however, only rigorous verification and only for large quantities.We also encourage teachers to advise children to buy our product as a healthy snack in place of the unhealthy junk food that is normally consumed by the younger generations today. Also, we can give free samples for companies or departments so that customers can sample our products and become repeat customers.

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