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Customer loyalty: An axis of development of direct marketing

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  1. The issues
  2. Customer loyalty: The axis of development for direct marketing trends today
    1. Definition of loyalty marketing
  3. Loyalty building techniques
    1. Gift programs
    2. The virtual loyalty cards
    3. The mailing lists
    4. On-line loyalty
    5. Customization and personalization
  4. New trends in customer loyalty
  5. Concrete examples of brands using the customer loyalty
  6. The cash back in the times

Customer loyalty- new development opportunity for direct marketing:
At the outset, it would be good to define or analyze at least two keywords of this concept.

On one hand we have direct marketing, which is a technique of communication and sales with the aim of broadcasting a personalized message to target individuals or businesses in order to achieve an immediate and measurable objective.

On the other hand is customer loyalty, which represents the set of techniques, used to establish a continuous communication process with the customers.

[...] That is why this part will look at new techniques for understanding loyalty trends of the future, as an essential step in enabling companies to tailor marketing strategies. For a business, having a good strategy for keeping customers is more important than finding new ones. Customer loyalty is an expensive area for most companies, which is why firms tend to reduce their spending on it. To retain customers, companies tend to use more and more Internet because it is a medium that is growing fast. [...]

[...] The laptop has is also an integral part of the French (by 2009, nearly 97% of French people owned a telephone, thus providing a real potential for mobile marketing and customer loyalty). This explains why companies increasingly interested in this new technology which mutates every day. To retain customers, companies may use SMS as an informative tool. Thus Orange regularly sends SMS to its customers urging them to respond to questionnaires or to offer promotions on packages. In addition, the mobile phone, I-phone or Black Berry poses competition to loyalty cards and credit cards because the creators have created prototypes of phones that have the ability to replace the blue card. [...]

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