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Does sex sell? Advertising techniques of the physical

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  1. Introduction
  2. Sexuality and advertising techniques
  3. A sub-sect of women
  4. Portrayal of women
  5. The difference between the feeling an ad evokes and the product which is being sold
  6. Understanding the intended audience
  7. Conclusion
  8. Works cited

?Publicity persuades us of such a transformation by showing us people who have apparently been transformed and are, as a result, enviable, ? the goal of any advertisement is to make us feel that buy using this product we, too, will be envied. Advertisements prey upon the common desire to be superior to our neighbor. Popular culture is saturated with advertisements. Advertisements have been filtered into every aspect of our everyday lives. Art has been replaced by advertisements attempting to appeal as artistic merit while capitalizing on the subject's willingness to accept ads as a present reality in our private and public lives. For as long as advertising has existed, but to varying degrees, Sex and sexuality have been common advertising techniques.

[...] Society permits the ads to objectify the sexual aspect of the body, and permits the body to be explicitly depicted, in nakedness. Advertisements will, therefore, proceed to find the boundary of what is considered shocking and what is acceptable. Even ads which are never run because they are ruled too offensive in sexual content, gain mass media attention on those very grounds. News stories cover, as news, ads which cannot be shown in public mediums and that company still receives the publicity, just by pushing the envelope farther. [...]

[...] Primarily, the brand is praying upon the visceral reaction of the viewer; the product is of secondary concern. Baker notes in his chapter on the body that women are more commonly objectified by advertisements because their body carries a weightier presence. In this theory, each person's social presence holds a promise. For woman, her ?presence expresses her own attitude to herself,[2]? whereas a man's presence promises something in the other, something that he can offer. A woman's presence is, therefore, more seductive because it is more secretive. [...]

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