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Doing business in Africa

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  1. Introduction
    1. Our Company
    2. Sports School
    3. Country of establishment
    4. Mission and vision
  2. Objectives
    1. Profits
    2. Rising brand awareness
    3. Development of the company
    4. Development of the country
  3. Choice of Country and Business
    1. Examples of success with similar business models
    2. SWOT Analysis
    3. Criteria of choice
    4. Country's drivers
    5. About the business
  4. Establishment
    1. Business Model
    2. Mode and timing of entry
    3. Risk analysis
    4. Future expansion plan
  5. Conclusion and future success factors

This report about "Doing business in Africa" is an example of a French company establishing and developing its business in Africa.

"We are members of the company "Graine de Star", a French sports school brand. We run a specialized and independent school providing a conducive academic and training environment for all teenagers aspiring to be sports athletes. Today, our school has over 200 athletes who have benefited from flexible academic settings, and balancing between academic courses with intensive sports training. Our school provides the following sports to future athletes: Badminton, soccer, basketball, swimming and table tennis. So far, Graine de Star is established in France and Singapore.?

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