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Dove: evolution of a brand

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Dove campaign
  3. Commercial and social success
  4. Recommendations
  5. Conclusion

Dove, a major market for hygiene and beauty, is part of the Unilever Group. As early as 1957, Dove was distinguished from its competitors, revolutionizing the brand in the medical world by launching a soap consisting of 25% moisturizer for sensitive skin. It defines it as, being different from other soaps and "This resembles a soap and can be used as a soap?. Today, Dove goes beyond the mere image of itself as just a soap and as the brand that connects to real women.

Thus in 2005, following a slowdown in growth, Dove launched the Campaign for Real Beauty investing in a mission: "To encourage women to feel beautiful by getting rid of the stereotypes of beauty?. This campaign raises many positive reactions and thus, this success led to ask ourselves : To what extent has the "Campaign for Real Beauty," helped change the attitudes of women on the image of beauty? How does it contribute to the success of Dove? How can we build on the success of this campaign?

Tags: Evolution of Dove, body care products, growth strategy of Dove

[...] It has also had to struggle against societal stereotypes where it is an unwritten law that ad campaigns can be attractive only as long as the models portrayed are beautiful."Talk about real beauty all you want-once you're the brand of fat girls, you're toast," and these comments reflect the images that make a mark which could also spread the brand's name. Also, one of the major weaknesses of Dove products, including its "Campaign for Real Beauty", compared to the trends, is its non-compliance with respect to the environment. [...]

[...] Thus, the positioning has to respect the continuity of the "feminist" image that has contributed to the success of Dove.This would be a way to reach a wider audience, mostly young women, who have mastered the technology of the age, who are sensitive to saving the planet, who like simple, natural products, and favor healthy products (botanical). To conclude, it is obvious that the Dove campaign is a success, sales have reached high records, giving Dove a prestigious position on the market. [...]

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