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E-marketing & E-business: iTunes Music Store

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Internet growth is so far the most rapid development ever recorded in the world. The increase of the Internet users is ten times faster than the phone. The situation in France, compared to the other developed countries, has been lagging behind the development which does not have the desired impact. The situation has returned with the appearance of ADSL and the triple play services that have accompanied the emergence of real competition in the telecom market.

The ADSL has allowed France to make up for the gap with the United States and even surpass its European neighbors in terms of broadband penetration, the only version of the Internet which is viable to process content. The denier census had 31.5 million Internet users in France (June 2008) of which 11.6 go online at least 25 days per month (the highest proportion till date in Europe).

Beyond the explosion of the ADSL, triple play marks the development of large public access. These packages offer Internet Phones and TV that marks the real emergence of the mass market. Telephone operators seduce homes farthest from the heart of target. The new technology is intensifying and the inequality creates the digital gap.

The very stringent eligibility requirements of the ADSL technology are responsible for this injustice. These are based on the length of the copper pair between the NRA and the capture of the users. Beyond 2 km, the flow is substantially altered (3 Mega max.), and 4 km from the provision of ADSL service is no longer possible.

The areas of differentiation between the various online music services: The argument of the price and simplicity is put forward by the e-market for online music. These unique features are statements proposed with respect to the traditional business. The parameters that do not meet the areas of differentiation are developed by each site in order to stay competitive in the market.

Initially, one of the main strategies developed by Virgin was to offer DRM-free titles, which allowed flexible and free offers to the consumer. Online shopping sites have developed similar services, erasing the same competitive advantage developed by Virgin.

The areas of differentiation that could be easily implemented would enable the customers to listen and stream songs before buying. Today, technology ensures security to the record companies and this element would be a certain line of differentiation.
Beyond the areas of differentiation, other possibilities could be developed by the sellers of online music, for supply of clips associated with their singles for free in order to retain their clients.

One could imagine a level of loyalty at which the consumer receives service. Without making any compromises on real income of the site and those of the staffs, it allow consumers to enjoy digital entertainment offered by the music and thus increases the proportion of client site by providing a greater satisfaction.

The emergence and development of a new type of trade and distribution of music is highlighted. This new distribution option is made possible by technological developments and the networks, Internet and ADSL are the key factors. Beyond technology, the specifics of the digital distribution have led to an adaptation of legislation, particularly against the rules of the copyright management. On the other hand, the technique has enhanced the security of digital content and the distributors of the record companies.

Tags: Music, streaming, technology, digital, online shopping

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