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ESD implementation and acceptance strategy

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  1. Introduction
  2. The aims of ESD
  3. Benefits of ESD
  4. Business model
    1. Challenges in the implementation of ESD
    2. Main issues
  5. Reasons for under use of ESD
  6. Recommendations
  7. Recommendations

The ESD scheme, launched in December 2000, was the first scheme in the world that combined both public and commerce services into a single Government portal operated by a single private operator, ESD Services Limited (ESDSL). The government's goal was for Hong Kong's 6.8 million residents to obtain 90% of public services online. ESDL, a joint venture of Hutchison Global Crossing and Compaq computer, had given five-year contract for the supply of the ESD system. ESDSL was responsible for the development, operation and management of the ESD system. The Government had not paid for the capital investment or the recurrent operational and maintenance cost. Hutchison announced it would invest HK$500 million to HK$800 million over the following five years. Government invested HK$123 million to establish its own systems.

[...] A total of 2,200 public computers and 90 ESD kiosks had to be installed through out the city. Main Issues- In its second year of implementation, only about of Hong Kong's population had transacted with the ESD site. The ESD scheme was not maximizing the delivery of value to the community. Reasons for under use of ESD- An electronic certificate was required in order to register- start up costs was HK$50. Users needed to download and install special software in their computer. [...]

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