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Establishment of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): Strategic decision making and implementation operational

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If one were to choose the main qualities common to all ?good' strategies, it is clear that communication and organization are key factors for success. Companies using these tools have created many databases, often limited to a specific service, and used software specific to each function. But these tools, are at the same time, too numerous and limited, creating both a problem of information flow within the company and a problem of repeating the same information in different databases which are more or less updated. Thus in the 90s, a new kind of software emerged: the Enterprise Resource Planning which has today, become a key success factor in the internal workings of companies. It is a process encompassing all the existing functions in order to have a single interface and single database. All services can then share information. The ERP market is currently a booming industry now as the rate of the enterprises in France is still very low, particularly in the SMEs market, and will be increasingly attractive to installers of open source solutions. The ERP can be a powerful tool for facilitating business life. However, its implementation is a delicate step that should be prepared carefully. In this case, we will see how the implementation of an ERP is a strategic decision for the company, and then we will try to identify what are the best practices to follow to ensure the best possibility of success. Indeed, today, an attempt to implement ERP in businesses may end in failure.

The ERP acronym stands for "Enterprise Resource Planning". ERP is the term most commonly used. An ERP is a software package for managing all processes of an enterprise integrating all its functions such as human resources management, financial management and accounting, the decisional supports, sales, distribution, procurement, production, and e-commerce.

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