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French cosmetics in the United States

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  1. Introduction
  2. The cosmetics market in the US
    1. Definition of Cosmetics
    2. The growth in market
    3. The classification of enterprises
    4. The U.S. imports
    5. U.S. exports
    6. Classification of cosmetic products
    7. Trends and niches
    8. Distribution: Outlets
  3. Application
    1. Segmentation by age
    2. Segmentation by gender
    3. The ethnic segmentation
    4. The various shopping opportunities
  4. The main French market in the US
    1. The French image in the United States
    2. Evolution of exports
    3. French companies in US
    4. L'Oreal - A success story
    5. A very complex process
  5. How to help the French cosmetics
    1. The recommendations and advice for French cosmetics SMEs
    2. Existing organizations to penetrate the market in the USA
    3. How does the Economic Mission in New York to help French companies
  6. Conclusion

The establishment of new French cosmetic companies in the United States is an interesting topic to discuss in the current scenario. For many years, France and its beauty products in particular have always enjoyed a good reputation across the Atlantic that allowed young French companies to achieve strong sales via export to this market. Although there has been a slowdown of the cosmetics market in the U.S., since 2004, the market has picked up speed. However, market players are numerous and this represents significant competition.

We will examine the best approach that can be adopted by a small French company wishing to introduce cosmetic products in the very competitive American market. To answer these questions, we will divide the discussion into three parts. Initially, we will explore the cosmetics market in the U.S. with new trends and opportunities it offers. Then, we analyze more precisely the situation of French cosmetics in the U.S. and we will note a parallel success story in this sector.

By a precise analysis of problems encountered by young French cosmetic companies, we can offer recommendations that could help these companies to find a more competitive market. This development will be more oriented to a marketing analysis that a technical analysis of products.

The United States is the world's largest market for cosmetics. Moreover, this market has been booming in recent years and therefore provides opportunities for companies dealing with such cosmetics. Segments that have emerged recently and are least exploited are the one pertaining to men's skin care and ethnic products. Both are very popular in the United States.

Moreover, this country is so large, and because of its diverse population coupled with its diverse geography and climate, all types of cosmetics hold major potential. The fact is that it is necessary the product be suitable for the selected geographical area and population.

French cosmetics have always been a big hit with American consumers. In USA, France has always been one of the leading suppliers of cosmetics and beauty products and even the first country to do so. She had the advantage of benefiting from the image of beauty and elegance that characterizes the countries over the Atlantic. In this context, the penetration of French cosmetics in the U.S. market has been facilitated. Today, we see that France faces growing competition in the United States.

After reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of the French cosmetics companies in the U.S., we see that French companies implement different strategies to cope with difficulties. We shall look specifically for small French cosmetics businesses. We try to present different strategies that they can adopt to win more market shares.

Initially, we will offer a marketing plan that aims to improve the French offer and its image in the U.S. market. French companies wishing to extend its activities to the United States, will perform an analysis of the application to adapt to the needs of American consumers, which might not always turn out to be true.

Tags: French cosmetic companies in the United States, classification of cosmetic products, communication and packaging

[...] (Source: Euromonitor International - Cosmetics and Toiletries In The United States 2005.) Sales of single segment of the shaving lotion / cologne and talc increased by in value and by volume in the circuit of mass: 358.7 million USD in 2005. Total sales of products for skin care in the following categories: (Billion USD) Year Total revenue Women's Products Men's Products Source: NPD Beauty Trends, June The best 5 marks 2004 for men. Ethnic products Experts feel that the United States continues to be a multicultural country and demand for specific products will continue to evolve. [...]

[...] It was also noted that the cosmetics market in the United States recorded strong growth since 2004, for until 2009, it suggested good prospects for France if it knew how to seize the chance and act as and when necessary. Establishment of French companies Table covering the major French players in the U.S. Yue-Sai, Soft-Sheen Carson Professional brands: L'Oréal Professionnel, Kérastase, Innate, Redken, L'Oreal Technical Matrix Midzani, Consumer Brands: Derma Blend, Laroche Posay, SkinCeuticals, Vichy Givenchy, Kenzo, Remedy, Hard Candy, Bliss, Loewe perfume, Aqua Di Parma Makeup: Make Up Forever, fresh, BeneFit Cosmetics Street [...]

[...] This sales technique is well developed in the United States that could agree on the imports of French cosmetic companies wishing to establish themselves. There are two other types of direct sales in the U.S.: Direct sales in own name This is usually done at trade shows. This mode of market penetration is the most economical one. This lets you test the product on the U.S. market but does not offer a real market. Moreover, this approach has risks, and the company is not sure if the client reverts the command, and must provide all information necessary for the U.S. [...]

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