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Gap analysis: Global communications

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  1. Introduction
  2. Situation analysis
    1. Issue and opportunity identification
    2. Stakeholder perspectives/ethical dilemma
    3. End-state vision
  3. Gap analysis
  4. Conclusion
  5. References
  6. Appendices

Global Communications failed to involve vital stakeholders in the direction of a plan for success with the company's future. The troubled company did not veritably discuss the concerns in advance with the Union. The company ignored the concerns from the collective-bargaining membership and did not allow any of their ideas in the decision-making process. An organization such as Global Communications should consider all conceivable motives to decide issues and make the best determinations. ?By improving decision making, knowledge, management, employee needs and coordination, workplace communication has a significant effect on an organizational performance? (McShane, 2005), The ability of people to coordinate their individual work effort in the best interest of the company and its employees toward a common goal is paramount for an organization.

[...] The Union finds the move unethical and a manipulation around current contract conditions. End-State Vision Global Communications will consider all possible needs to resolve issues and arrive at the best decision. The telecommunications company will increase the ability of employees and management to coordinate their individual work endeavors toward a mutual goal. Global Communications will involve critical stakeholders in the direction of a plan for success within the company's future. The company will genuinely discuss the concerns in advance with the Union to listen to the interests of the collective-bargaining membership. [...]

[...] Global Communications is taking away benefits, and taking away jobs by outsourcing. Union headquarters called the new strategy by Global Communications unethical. The future plan is inconsistent with the company's mantra. They want to adhere to their motto, Edge is People.? Management must minimize that new consumer jobs come with a 10% pay cut. Productivity and morale will be major issues. The inability to retain people will become evident very quickly. The company must let the employees understand that the business is changing and becoming more competitive. [...]

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