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Innovations in the restaurant business

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  1. Introduction
  2. Objective of the study
  3. Methodology of the study
  4. An overview of service marketing
    1. Concept
    2. Positioning and differentiation
    3. Summary
  5. Branding of restaurants
    1. Issues of branding services
    2. A comprehensive study
    3. Brand research and development
    4. Corporate, industrial and service branding
    5. Brand management
    6. Various adjectives of branding
    7. Understanding the value of restaurant branding
  6. A market study of restaurant
    1. Characteristics of an effective market strategy
  7. Customers' satisfaction and retention
    1. Relation between guest satisfaction and employee
  8. Bibliography
  9. Conclusion

The paper deals with the brand related issues in the restaurant industry and is an attempt to highlight the image and identify trends in the restaurants industry. It highlight the various efforts and initiatives taken by restaurants worldwide to improve on their brands to remain competitive. Moreover, the strategies that are adopted by the restaurants in order to create an impact of the brand in consumers mind. This dissertation intends to highlight the importance of customer satisfaction as well as the importance of retention in both aspects. (Internal customer and external customer) Beside, it's a well-acknowledge fact that branding of restaurants has got to play a significant role today in determining the performance and success portrait of any organization in a world which is consumer and employee focused. The dissertation brings into convergence an extensive contour of brands and branding related issues in restaurants emphasizing their market semblance and identity. In order to accomplish the objectives of the study, it is essential to articulate the manner in which it is to be conducted, i.e., the research process is to be carried-out in a certain frame work. The Research Methodology, which follows, is the backbone of the study. The plank on which the edifice of a study rests is information. The data contained here in has been obtained from secondary sources of data. The views of various experts in the industry have been referred to for the purpose of dissertation.

[...] (The Chains are winning, and it's all in the Marketing by Bob Bradley, ( Thus a good Restaurant manager in a hospitality business must understood the other important aspects of the company in order to achieve the desired long-term profits. (see figure 3 in Appendices). In many ways, marketing for restaurants seems different from the marketing of products owing to the following unique characteristics of the restaurants industry Customers' presence during production and service. A restaurant can be compared to a factory (for example the kitchen is similar to a production line) with show rooms (e.g. [...]

[...] Keeping the customer happy is the core of any business vision, but it is only now in the 21st century that technology can really deliver one- to-one marketing. Customer loyalty is based on delivering a product or service that people would like to buy an enjoy using. The role of the brand is to increase awareness of that product offer and to present its benefits in a way that is appealing to the consumer. One of the first steps in maintaining customer loyalty and earning profits is to build and sustain a positive brand image. [...]

[...] ( Chuck Klemballa, vice president, marketing, for Nabisco, believes strongly, and I quote: "The key component of branding lies not in the purchase or addition of a product; rather it lies in the effective usage of the power of the brand within your environment." ( Many restaurant concepts enjoy widespread recognition but have difficulty in responding to rapid changes in the marketplace, mostly because of rigid standards in service, equipment and mind-set. Clearly, branding is a subject that needs to be addressed as part of the strategic planning process in your organization. [...]

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