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Marketing plan: Roquefort Papillon

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  1. Introduction
  2. A general overview of how American TV series are produced
  3. Contents of American TV series
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Roquefort Papillon cheese is very famous in France. Because of its reputation it can gain popularity in other countries very quickly. Roquefort Papillon wants to develop its image as a brand in different countries to increase its market along with its sales figures. This product will be a dairy product for the entire family. Roquefort Papillon Company will collaborate with the supermarket Albert Heijn, the retailers for open markets and the restaurants. This allows Roquefort Papillon to increase the sales.
Because Roquefort wants to develop its brand in different countries, they decided to develop the already existing image for its cheese also in the Netherlands. Due to the fact that the Dutch society has high cheese consumption, it will be relatively easy to introduce a new kind of cheese which is very special and highly different to the Dutch cheese.
The originality of the presentation, the taste and very attractive price will be the three principal advantages of Roquefort Papillon cheese.

[...] We want with Roquefort papillon to introduce a high quality Roquefort and a high quality cheese. Cheese the more purchasing by French people With Roquefort Papillion we want do the same kind of figures. We really want to develop this product and it image in Netherlands. SWOT Strengths 1. Roquefort is very different from Dutch cheese. Roquefort Papillon will be an exotic product in the supermarket Well- known in France. France is closest to Netherlands. The Dutch who have traveled to France atleast once will probably know it Product already exported into a country other than France. [...]

[...] We can imagine that, even if everybody in the family will eat Roquefort Papillon the parent?s will be the purchasers. Restaurants Albert Heijn Open market Target group will be the total population of the Netherlands right from 6 year olds. But we have to develop our advertising for the principal target group, people older than 25/30. AIDA Attention 1. Catching attention will be the first step. But HOW? 2. The name of the product: Big letters and green color will be the principal tools Publicity: By all the different advertising possible we have to appeal people. [...]

[...] To do the Roquefor Papillon day one a month with professional To do important offers like 50% reduction for the next purchase Collect points to win a cheese plate after 20 purchases By 2 products, get the third free Resources Requirements Marketing Budget 2004- France Production development 2004- 2009 according to revenues Netherlands Marketing Budget 2004- 2009 FRANCE The best way will be brochures of supermarket or leaflets in supermarket Sampling action will be use very often during Christmas period Radio spot and pop up will be an important help to get attention and to appeal interest for this product Production development 2004- 2009 according to revenues NETHERLANDS Conclusion and recommendations When one looks at the cultural aspects of the Netherlands, we see that it is a country that seems suitable for launching a product. [...]

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