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Maverick Energy Group: Company profile

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  1. Executive summary
  2. Mission
  3. The market
  4. Company overview
    1. Technology and services
    2. Philosophy
    3. Location
    4. Ownership
    5. Strategic alliances
  5. Maverick management
  6. History
  7. The maverick system
  8. Risks and opportunities
    1. Business risks
    2. Opportunities
  9. Management biographies
  10. Current projects
    1. West Virginia drilling program
    2. Forecast Investor Cash Flow
    3. Big Foot Acquisition
    4. Area geology
    5. Use of funds
    6. Financial projections
  11. References

Maverick Energy Group, is a rapidly growing US independent currently positioned to benefit from the current rise in both oil and natural gas prices. Declining production and depletion of existing reserves within the United States is causing increased pressure on state and federal agencies to create incentives for oil and gas operators and the investment community. Such incentives will encourage operators to drill for new reserves and rework the hundreds of thousands of existing wells that are either temporarily abandoned or marginally productive.

Shareholders want to be able to trust the public companies in which they invest and the officers who manage these companies. We are committed to building shareholder trust by continuing to provide the support, technology, and environment in which trusting, fruitful relationships can flourish.

As the owners of Maverick, our shareholders can rely on our commitment to service and innovation, which we believe will help our shareholders' achieve financial freedom and success.

[...] Sherlock was appointed as Director and Secretary of the public company SanAnco Energy Corporation, a Texas corporation, which was subsequently reincorporated in the State of Nevada in 2000, and the name changed to Maverick Energy Group. Maverick's focus is on oil and gas exploration and particularly secondary recovery using horizontal drilling. Mr. Sherlock was elected Vice-President of Maverick in 2001. In addition to his continued legal practice, Mr. Sherlock formed Sherlock Consulting Corp. in 1999, which assists small businesses with raising capital and going public. [...]

[...] CURRENT PROJECTS WEST VIRGINIA PROJECT DESCRIPTION AREA OF OPERATION Maverick believes it is an opportune time to drill new wells in select areas of the Appalachian Basin. The North Central West Virginia area has enjoyed stable gas prices over the past 30 years, this being due to the locale of this area to the eastern seaboard and its markets and industries, coupled with the large amount of storage fields which allows for a year round continual flow of gas. These factors have allowed the gas industry to give the Appalachian basin a higher MCF price than other areas of the country and are termed the Appalachian Index when observing national market prices of gas. [...]

[...] On November the Company reincorporated in the state of Nevada and changed its name to from SanAnco Energy Corporation to Maverick Energy Group. On January the company's articles of conversion from the state of Texas became effective. Pursuant to the articles of conversion, and the incorporation in Nevada, the Company initiated a reverse stock split of 88-to-1, thereby decreasing the number of issued and outstanding shares to 1,003,817. As of January Maverick had 16,655,597 shares of common stock issued or authorized for current issue out of a total authorized of 100,000,000 common and 10,000,000 preferred. [...]

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