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McDonald’s: Strategic challenge and SWOT analysis

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  1. Introduction
  2. McDonald's : Success story
  3. Organization and human resources management
  4. Strengths
  5. Weaknesses
  6. Opportunities
  7. Threats
  8. Products
  9. Promotion
  10. Price
  11. Consumer analysis
  12. Core and Distinctive Competences
  13. The intensity of competitive rivalry
  14. The bargaining power of customers (buyers)
  15. The strategic challenge
  16. Alternative analysis
  17. Conclusion

In the 90s, the firm had to cope with a number of challenges: The microwave oven, increasing health consciousness and competition. In 1999, as Jack Greenberg took over the reins of the firm, the situation was complicated due to competition between fast-food giants. McDonald's timelines: 1937: The McDonald brothers opened a drive-in in Passadena. After opening a much larger restaurant in San Bernardino, they introduced the "Speedy Service System" in 1948. 1952: First McDonald's franchise in Phoenix. 1955: Ray Kroc funds McDonald's System. Inc. 1961: Kroc & Sonneborne change the franchise concept in real estate operations. In the same years the Hamburger University was established: A key element for the McDonald's Business Model. 1963: McDonald's sells 1 million hamburgers a day, and had its first national meeting. 1965: The firm became a public company. 1971: The company opened its first restaurants in Japan, Germany and Australia.

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