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Mercedes Benz in the Indian automobile industry

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  1. Introduction
  2. Relationships and networks of the company
  3. The invention of motor car
  4. Trends in the automobile industry
    1. Current trends in the automobile industry
    2. Recent trends in the automobile industry
  5. Mercedes-Benz India Limited (MBIL)
    1. Quality management
    2. Enduring customer relationship management
    3. Individualization
    4. Wide range of Mercedes-Benz products
    5. World-class production facility
  6. Bibliography

As the 21st century already approached, marketing has become more attractive at the company, state, national, international levels. In the early days, there was no difference between ?selling? and? marketing?. But today the difference between these two terms has been clearly made in the present dynamic world. Marketing is recognized as the most significant activity in our society. The importance of marketing function in business management has grown significantly during last two decades. This development has come about as a result of several factors such as technology, expanding world markets, changing international environment, increasing consumer sophistication, keen competition and growing size and complexities of modern business. Marketing is thus all around us, our daily existence, our entire economical life, and a wide range of marketing activities continuously affects our life styles. The marketing concepts holds the key to achieving organizational goals consists in determining the needs and wants to target markets and delivering the desire satisfaction its customers more effectively.

[...] With the aim to serve our customers in India with the latest products and technological excellence from the Mercedes-Benz stable, Daimler Chrysler entered the Indian market and set up Mercedes-Benz India Ltd. way back in 1994. In line with Daimler Chrysler's worldwide corporate philosophy, Mercedes-Benz India Limited was been re christened Daimler Chrysler India Private Ltd. Daimler Chrysler India is a 100% subsidiary of Daimler Chrysler group and one of the first auto joint ventures set up in India. It has a long-term commitment to the Indian market and has full support of its parent company for its future plans in India. [...]

[...] comprises of integrated system of business activities in order to plan, price, promote and distribute goods and services to meet the customer needs within the limits of society In marketing, marketing strategy plays an important role in various aspects of marketing. NEEDS, WANTS AND DEMAND: Marketing starts with human needs and wants. A need is a state of deprivation of some basic satisfaction. People require food, clothing, shelter, belongings, and esteem. Marketers do not create needs. Needs pre- exit marketers. [...]

[...] The man who developed this crude machine into a practical and reliable automobile was Gottieb Daimler (1834- 1900), a German engineer, who developed an improved internal combustion engine in 1885. His improvement made in the 1880's contributed largely to the development of the automobile industry. In 1890, he founded the Daimler Motor Company at Cannstatt, Germany, which is credited to have turned out the finest motorcars in automobile history. In the United States, Charles Duryea and J.Frank Duryea Elwood Haynes, Hendry Ford, Ransom E. [...]

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