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Microsoft’s Pursuit of Yahoo!

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  1. Company Profile.
    1. Microsoft.
    2. Yahoo.
    3. Google.
  2. Pros of Competing With Google.
  3. Yahoo's Past.
    1. To Avoid Microsoft Takeover.
    2. Other Options Recently Investigated
  4. Challenges to Overcome.

Founded by Harvard dropout Bill Gates in 1975, Microsoft began as a software program that allowed others to write programs. In 1980, the modern PC era, IMB chose Microsoft to develop its operating system. Gates purchased QDOS and renamed it the now famous Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS). A few years later ?Microsoft introduced Windows, a graphic-based version of MS-DOS that borrows from rival Apple's Macintosh system. The company went public in 1986 [. . .]? ( Following several lawsuits Microsoft launched Expedia, bought WebTV Networks and Visio, as well as invested for a minority stake in AT&T to try and acquire cable operator MediaOne. The following years Microsoft developed Internet Explorer and acquired Navision. Their acquisitions continued:

[...] Yahoo continued acquitting media companies and has become one of the largest Internet outlets. REVENUES mil): 2007 ; 2006 ; 2005 Google: Similar to Yahoo, Google was created by two Stanford students, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, in 1997 when ?they discovered a formula to rank the order of random search results by relevancy? (Schein, By 1999 the two had presented their findings to the World Wide Web, raised over $30 million and launched Google. In 2001 the company launched AdWords, a search-based advertising service, and in 2002 it launched the context-based advertising service AdSense. [...]

[...] Netscape Guide by Yahoo for Netscape Communications (now part of American Online). The company also acquired Internet directory specialist Four11 and launched Yahoo! Korea? (Schein, ?Yahoo! Inc.). By 1999 Yahoo had launched its own Radio broadcast Internet service, teamed with TIBCO Software, acquired GeoCites for $ 3.7 billion, purchased and Encompass and ?signed a deal with Sprint to provide information to Sprint's cell phone customers? (Schein, ?Yahoo! Inc.). In the following years Yahoo acquired many other partners in all forms of communication. [...]

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