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Pepsi vs. Coke

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  1. Introduction
  2. The cola clashes
  3. Battle between coca cola and pepsi
  4. History of the Indian soft drink industry
  5. The history of coca cola
  6. The history of pepsi
  7. Pepsi vs coke: Market share
  8. Conclusion
  9. Bibliography

Now a days FMCG is very popular in the market. They are representing themselves in the market in different ways. But to show themselves above boards they are ethically going down and are applying un-ethical rules. ?Pepsi ? and ?Coke? are famous in this chain of the ? FMCG' , who are pressing others down to show themselves superior. If one wants to go high it should be only through hard labor. It is not ethical to go up by pressing others downwards and Coke and Pepsi are following the same strategy at present. They are searching disqualifications in each others instead of showing their qualities. When it comes to the ?do or die? spirit, the century-old Coca-Cola and it younger rival, Pepsi , live up to it unquestioned. Worldwide, soft drink battles are anything but soft. In Business India, 15 January, 1996, the Coke-Pepsi war was featured.

[...] In 1988, fruit drinks market was valued at Rs crores and grew at the rate The second proposal encompassed the following activities : Agro research centre ( costing Rs crores ) Pepsi Co's agro expertise would be combined with India know-how & the findings implement in the field.Here the focus would be on developing improved varieties, optimum production technologies and seed multiplication, initially for potatoes, tomatoes & oilseed crops. A potato and grain based processing unit (costing Rs crores) it would produce ready-to-serve food products in long life consumer packages for all India markets. [...]

[...] With those coupons, people could get a free glass of Coke at the soda-fountain. For over 60 years Robert Winship Woodruff ( 1889-1985 ) was the leading man at the Coca-Cola Company. As the son of one of the most important shareholders he became in 1923 the managing director of the new holding Coca-Cola international at the age of 34. under his inspiring leadership, the sale of Coca-Cola increased from 6 million glasses in 1923, to 50 million glasses worldwide . [...]

[...] Cola is made from the kola nut, but Dr. Pemberton changed it to a because he thought the two together looked better from a marketing point of view. Coca Cola started in 1892 with an advertising budget of $11,401, an astounding amount in those days. Originally, Coca Cola was marketed as an elixir for headaches and exhaustion (remedied by the caffeine). Coca Cola hired salesmen to travel across the country, selling it to pharmacies, soda fountain owners, and at "soda fairs". [...]

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