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Production process and material management system in an iron & steel manufacturing unit

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  1. Introduction
  2. Flow chart of production system for saleable steel in iron steel plant
  3. Production process
    1. Raw materials
    2. Blast furnace complex
    3. Process
    4. Steel making shop (SMS)
    5. Rolling mill
    6. Rolling process
    7. Forge plant
    8. Finishing shop
    9. Heat treatment shop
    10. Purpose of heat treatment
  4. Materials management department
    1. The purchase process
    2. Product mix

The production system is the process of converting inputs of labor, capital, land and management into outputs of goods and services. The various metallurgical processes are employed for converting iron ore into steel and shaping it into different products as required by the customer, industries and the people. A Blast Furnace is a huge cylinder made of Steel and lined with heat resistant bricks. The height of the Blast Furnace installed in a manufacturing company is usually 61 meters. The capacity of blast furnace is 530 cubic meter capacities. In blast furnace, Pig Iron is produced.The Raw Materials iron ore, limestone, coke, Dunite, Dolomite in known quantities are loaded into the top of the furnace with in pre-calculated proportions. This process is called charging. As the materials go down to the furnace, the air is blasted in to the furnace, which will burn the coke producing heat of nearly 1600 degree C and carbon monoxide gas.

[...] Heat treatment is used to obtain optimum combination of Hardness and ductility for carbon steels and alloy steels for a particular application Heat treatment generally involves heating of metals and Alloys to a certain temperature and holding at that temperature for certain length of time and then cooling slowly or rapidly in order to change the microstructure of the metals to get the desired mechanical Properties MATERIALS MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT Safety Department DEPARTMENT HIERARCHY Employees throughout the world lose their fingers, eyes, limbs, even their lives, everyday. [...]

[...] Process The liquid Iron is stored in hot condition by oil fired burners at 1300oC. Then it is transferred to oxygen furnace or converters where oxygen is blown through lances to reduce carbon and other scraps. When oxygen is blown temperature raise to 1620oC. The blown metal is tapped to ?teeming ladles' from which it is refined and transferred to ladle for further refining by vacuum degassing. Then liquid is poured to ?ingot machine' or continuous casting blooms. Rolling Mill This section may be called as semi finished product-producing section. [...]

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