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Skype: Company overview, strategy and SWOT analysis

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  1. Presentation of the company
  2. Key numbers
  3. Skype features
  4. Market shares
  5. SWOT analysis
  6. Strategy
    1. Skype in France
    2. The French market
    3. The new strategy
  7. Conclusion

In this assignment we are going to make a study of the software application SKYPE and it's services based on VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol). In the first part we will see the company overview including a presentation of the company, the features of the software, some key numbers, and a SWOT analysis in order to show the strengths and weaknesses and also the opportunities and threats in order to highlight a possible strategy to build that we will see in the second part of the work. In the second part of this document we will develop a new strategy for a specific country with some partnership with other companies. To finish we will conclude the work by a quick summary of the assignment and a review of the new strategy.

[...] In France we can develop a double strategy for the software SKYPE: - The first strategy is for the traditional users of the Skype software people we use Skype for a private use like calling your family or your friend who can be in France or in other part of the world. These users will use the free features of the software for call in Skype to Skype but also the paid feature for international call or call to landline phone or also in order to have a number or send and receive sms. [...]

[...] allows users to have phone calls from their computers to land line telephone and cellular phone at a very competitive price compared to the traditional phone calls especially for international calls. Since 2003 the number of users of the Skype software is growing this number of users was for the third quarter of millions ("eBay Inc. Reports third quarter 2009 results") . Skype is a leader in the sector of global Internet Communication Company. The users of the software application made 6,4 billion minutes of call to landline and mobiles in the first half of 2010 and they made also 88,4 billion minutes of skype to Skype calls 40% with video. [...]

[...] We can see with this SWOT analysis that there are several opportunities for the Skype Company to develop a strategy to enter in a specific country we have seen especially that the Skype software application could be used for businesses, which work at the international level II THE STRATEGY In the first part we have describe the background of the company, the description of the software and some key numbers and some information's about the market. Now we know where we are so we can define where we want to go? [...]

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