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The 5 star hotel industry in India

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  1. Industry analysis
  2. Hotel ratings
  3. Dominant players
  4. Positioning
    1. Target market
    2. Basic service offering
    3. Core product
    4. Supplementary services
  5. Different ooms and tariffs
    1. Executive suite
    2. Deluxe suite
    3. President suite
    4. Heritage room
    5. Special rooms for couples
    6. Deluxe family room
  6. Tariffs
    1. Business hotels
    2. Leisure hotels
  7. Operations for service
    1. Hotel
    2. Restaurant and lively bar
  8. Customer feedback

The Indian hotel industry has been in the limelight during the past three years. It went through a bad phase during the period 1997 to 2002. Varied reasons led to the poor performance of the hotel companies during this period, with the major being the nuclear tests carried out by India in 1998 and the consequent sanctions against the country, the fears of an Indo-Pak war in 1999, terrorist attacks in the US in 2001, and the SARS scare in 2003. All these factors combined to result in a drop in tourist traffic into the country. As a result of this, the hotel companies witnessed drops in their occupancy and room rates.

The fortunes of the Indian hotel industry revived only in the second half of FY03 with a pick-up in global economy and a rise in the confidence level among global travelers (both business and leisure). The impressive performance in tourist arrivals is attributable to a strong sense of business and investment confidence in India led by growth of the Indian economy, a strong performance of the domestic corporate sector and opening up of the economy to a greater foreign participation.

[...] Different Rooms and Tariffs: Executive Suite- A wide bedroom, Bathrobe, Executive Kit along with the writing table, refrigerator, wardrobe, luggage rack, television and telephone extension Deluxe Suite- Large area spread out with seating arrangement (round shape) in the form of sofas with tables and chairs, bar set up, refrigerator and an attached bathroom, along with a bedroom including a bathroom and a remote controlled television, weighing scale, bathrobe and telephone extension. President Suite- Same as Deluxe room having one well equipped meeting room and telephone extensions in all rooms and bathrooms. [...]

[...] Bellhop, room service, and valet parking are generally featured. The four star hotel is often located near other similar hotels and has one or more pools plus fitness centers. The dining room and room service offer several menu selections. The five star hotels is a deluxe hotel. It offers just about anything you would expect from a deluxe hotel. Large lobbies and round the clock room services are expected. The rooms are large and well appointed. Pools, several choices of dining and entertainment are often featured as well. [...]

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