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The business strategy of Tang: The instant breakfast drink

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  1. Summary
  2. TV recalls Test
  3. Positive and negative aspect of the commercials
    1. Food Selection
    2. Lady PhD
  4. Conclusion

General Food Corporation was a leading manufacturer and marketer of grocery products, chiefly convenience foods. Tang instant breakfast drink which was introduced in 1958, was one of its 30 best-known brand names of food industry.

Tang volume grew slowly but steadily. In 1969, when sales showing increases, the product was significantly improved and sampling efforts, advertising and promotion were increased. The brand's media copy program, which associated the product with America's space exploration efforts, was effective as the Apollo program became very active. Sales were up 29% in 1969, and 32% in 1970. In 1971, the Apollo program became less active.

[...] two measures: The first measure was related to the level of cueing or prompting. Three levels of prompting were employed- i. Category prompt (unaided): Where the product category ?orange breakfast drink? was used as memory cue. ii. Brand prompt (Aided): Where the brand name was used as memory cue. iii. Commercial prompt (prompted): Where the respondents who claimed to have seen the program but could not recall the commercial, were cued by prompts drawn from the dramatic story line of the program before or after airing of commercial. [...]

[...] So let us examine the relative positive and negative aspect of each commercial. Food Selection: The total proven and related recall was above the Tang norm (i.e. for Food Selection. (i.e., The recall scores were nearly one and half times greater than those of ?Lady with unaided and aided proven recalls of 15% and respectively and unaided and aided related recalls of 3%and respectively. The important thing is, category prompt proven recallers of 15% compared to in ?Lady PhD?. Food Selection had superior payback on taste/flavor and convenience and average playback on Space association. [...]

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