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The strategic analysis of Chupa Chups lollipops

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  1. Introduction
  2. The retrospective strategy of Chupa Chups
  3. The General Strategic Business of Chupa Chups
    1. Strategic segmentation of Chupa Chups
    2. The BCG Matrix
    3. Porter's model
    4. McKinsey analysis
  4. The analysis of Chupa Chups by Strategic Business Area
    1. SWOT analysis of 'traditional SBA'
    2. SWOT analysis of 'dietrics' SBA
    3. SWOT analysis of 'fantasy' SBA
  5. The marketing plan
    1. The analysis of Chupa Chups and its environment
    2. The quantitative and qualitative goals of Chupa Chups
  6. The action plan
    1. The action program
    2. Our final recommendations and budget
  7. Conclusion

Who among us has not tasted a lollipop from the famous global company Chupa Chups? Strawberry, vanilla, caramel, cola, yogurt so many flavors offered by Chupa Chups, affording us delectable pleasure.

We will briefly present the company Chupa Chups, as this topic is already well developed in the record that has been proposed in support of this study. Nevertheless, it seems useful to recall that the company Chupa Chups is a company of Spanish origin (more precisely, it was conceived in Villamayor as the new incarnation of the former jam company called Granja Asturias). The founder is Enric Bernat, who started this company with the idea of making candy that would not stain the consumer's hands ("a sweet ball on a fork").

The company was founded in Asturias in 1958 and therefore it must be said that the company Chupa Chups is the creator of the iconic lollipop of the candy world! Although the company now offers various confectionery products, the lollipop remains the flagship product of the firm, with a well developed strategy revolving around this product.

Therefore, this study will be based primarily on the strategy adopted by Chupa Chups. The company offers other products such as SMINT, a minty candy, and even a fragrance range named "Love Trap". Chupa Chups is the world leader in the market for lollipops, in 2005, it commanded 70% (more precisely 73.7%) market share in France with 4 billion lollipops sold in over 150 countries!

Moreover, this lollipop is estimated to be used by 92% of the consumers aged between 6-35 years. This success is largely due to its strategy of innovation and differentiation, which will continue in 2006 with the expansion of its range of sugarless products. This study will be divided into two major parts, each with its theme and its problems.

The first part deals with the retrospective strategy of Chupa Chups to become the market leader in lollipops. The first major problem of this part is as follows:

Therefore, we can examine the strategy actually implemented by Chupa Chups to ensure that it remains the leader in its market, and remain on the top in the competitive confectionery market.

To address this problem, we shall undertake a strategic analysis of Chupa Chups in general, followed by Strategic Business Area (SBA) of the company.

Following an in-depth analysis of the strategic management of the company, we can offer solutions to revive the flagging sales of the company (a sharp decline in sales between 2001 and 2004).

What are the strategies and marketing resources in place to re-launch the company and to ensure a similar success with the Cremossa, the current leader of sugarless lollipops?

To address this problem, we will examine the company's marketing plan, which will identify, among other objectives, that which should be followed logically from the action plan, i.e., the actions to be implemented to achieve these goals.

There arises no question of analyzing the company strategy without analyzing the various SBAs. Therefore, the strategic segmentation will be followed by the BCG matrix, Porter's model and finally the McKinsey analysis.

Tags: strategic analysis of Chupa Chups, Granja Asturias, McKinsey analysis

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