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The sustainable development: An ethical and profitable strategy for companies?

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  1. Introduction.
  2. What is the sustainable development?
  3. The sustainable development in the business strategy.
  4. Conclusion.
  5. References.

During the Johannesburg summit of 2002, the world of international business renewed its commitments towards the concept of sustainable development. Today, for most companies, durability has become necessary as a business strategy. In some companies, many researches are made to find the best solutions to get involved in the sustainable development concept. The sustainable development is already well implemented in the Scandinavian countries for several years, in particular for environmental aspects. In those countries, a large part of energy resources comes from wind turbines. Beyond the energy example, we know that in these countries, the idea of cleanliness is very strong. The way of life and the culture may play an important role in sustainable development. Nowadays, people are becoming concerned more about the environment and sustainable development has become a factor of choice for many consumers.

[...] So, the sustainable development is an ethical strategy that will be profitable for the human being and animals as well as for their environment. But what are the impacts on the companies if such a strategy were put in place? The sustainable development in the business strategy Nowadays, for most companies, the sustainable development has a direct relation with its reputation. They have to communicate and act as responsible factors by including a sustainable approach in their strategy. These actions must be concrete and real at the risk of seeing this communication turning in a wrong way for the company with the opposite effects than those expected. [...]

[...] Conclusion The sustainable development is an ethical approach as it includes social and environmental dimensions in its basic principles. According to the United Nations Division for sustainable Development, there are more than 40 areas coming within the scope of sustainable development so, this is a very large concept. The purpose is not only ecological, it is supposed to lead businesses and people to a sustainable economy with a strong involvement for the environmental concerns that will enable the next generations to live in a proper environment with a high equity between populations. [...]

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