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Tourism and marketing

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  1. Introduction
    1. Market and marketing
    2. Importance of marketing in the modern world
  2. Different types of market
    1. Whole sale and retail market
    2. Short term and long term market
    3. Spot market and forward market
    4. Regulated market and unregulated market
    5. Commodities market and capital market
  3. Local market, regional market, national market, and international market
    1. Local market
    2. Regional market
    3. National market
    4. International or world market
  4. Primary market, secondary market and terminal market
    1. Primary market
    2. Secondary market
    3. Terminal market
    4. Perfect market
    5. Imperfect market
    6. Monopoly market
  5. Tourism
  6. Importance of tourism
  7. Modern trends in tourism
  8. Hotel industry
  9. Modern trends in the hotel industry
    1. Ecotels
    2. Airport registration
  10. Classification of hotels
    1. Suburban hotels
    2. Resort hotels
    3. Airpport hotels
    4. Motels
    5. Group hotels
    6. Forest hotels
    7. Floatels
  11. Conclusion

A market is a place where people come looking for goods and services that they might need, while marketing is the attempt made by the producer to make sure that the customer knows about the company and its products. Marketing does not stop at just creating awareness about the product. It also includes the methods that the producer needs to adopt to ensure that the customer chooses his product over others and is completely satisfied with the said product.

Marketing is the process of business activities that directs the flow of goods and services from the producer to the consumer or user. In marketing the emphasis is laid on the product i.e. the transfer of the product or goods from the produce to the consumer. However it is interesting to note that in the modern concept the emphasis is laid on customer satisfaction. Such a shift could only stem from one thing and that is competition.

[...] From the above paragraph it is clear that and efficient marketing system also helps in avoiding an economic crises. Different Types of Market Whole sale and Retail Market These classes of markets are based on the extent of the sale or the volume of business done. In a whole sale market large quantities of goods are sold. The whole sailors sell goods to the retailers who eventually sell it to consumers in a retail market. A retail market is a market where in goods are sold in small quantities. [...]

[...] The husband and wife team and family provided the entire cooking service and recreation. The lead in hotel keeping was taken by the emerging nations of Europe, especially Switzerland. It was in Europe that the birth of the organized hotel industry took place. The word was first used in the England in about 1760 and after a passage of over 80 years. In America lodging houses were called or ?coffee houses?. According to British law a or an is defined as a ?place where a traveler can receive food and shelter, provided he is in a position to pay for it and is in a fit condition to receive The real growth of the modern hotel industry took place in the U.S.A beginning with the opening of the city hotel in New York in 1974. [...]

[...] Tourism infrastructures consist of roads, hotels, telecommunication network, transportation and entertainment facilities. An attempt is made to develop the infrastructure in a planned manner so as to avoid congestion, overcrowding and damage to the environment and the local economy. Tourism is a growth-oriented industry. Tourism today plays an important role to the economy of most of the countries of the world and no one is an exception. Every industry has a multiplier effect, but tourism and particularly international tourism helps the economy of a country by providing and an opportunity for it to earn valuable foreign currency. [...]

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