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A report on Spykar Lifestyle Private Limited

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  1. Introduction
  2. Industry overview
    1. Major players
    2. Top ten companies
  3. Company overview
    1. Company history & development
    2. Pioneers of the company
    3. Milestone of the company
  4. Functional areas of the company
    1. Marketing department
    2. Finance department
    3. Human Resource department
    4. Production department
  5. Market segmentation of the company
  6. Marketing strategy of the company
  7. SWOT analysis
  8. Conclusion
  9. Bibliography

Production of denim fabric has doubled over the last five years in Indian sub continent, from 250 million square meters to almost 500 million meters today, and is expected to go up over the next two years. Fabric makers are finding the situation difficult due to increased supply in domestic market and pressure on margin in exports also due to rupee appreciation.

However Rupee appreciation and increased cotton prices has substantially effected the margin. Competition in the global market particularly from Pakistan and India.

India's exports of cotton denim fabrics reached US $95.05 million during the first three quarters of fiscal year 2006-07 (April-December), as against exports of US which amounted to only $91.06 million for the whole of 2005-06.

Thus, India exported denim worth US $280,000 to Jordan for the first time in the last few years.

In the history of fashion that of jeans and denim continues to baffle us. No one truly knows the perfect answer to where jeans came from. As so often fashions emerge together in various parts of the world and are the result of the sudden availability of a new fabric, cloth, dye or technique.

[...] Spykar Lifestyle Private Ltd is also planning to come up with an IPO by the end of financial year 2009. As part of its international operations, Spykar Lifestyle is for the first time planning to set up exclusive ?Spykar' branded outlet in the UK market in 2009.In Mumbai there are four store of the OYO brand . FRANCHISE Out of the 150 stores company have, only seven or eight are company-owned and the rest are franchised. The reason is that retailing requires a different temperament. [...]

[...] Cash is the basic input needed to keep the business running on a continuous basis; it is also the ultimate output get by selling the service or product manufactured by the firm. The firm should keep sufficient cash neither more nor less. A company holds cash for following reasons To meet the need of day-to-day transactions To protect the firm against uncertainties 3. To Conduct business in normal courses 4. for product policy 5. for market condition 6. for credit policy 7. [...]

[...] To this end, we measure, appraise and report performance on the basis of continuous improvement and with the longer-term aim of enhancing the sustainability of our business and that of our customers, suppliers, partners, and the wider community. Compliance, Monitoring and Reporting The management is responsible for communicating this code to all employees and for ensuring its content are understood and adhered to. Day- to-day responsibility in this regard is delegated to senior management. Breaches of the code must be reported to relevant senior manager and the management expects employees to bring to there or to other senior manager's attention any suspected breach of this code. [...]

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