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Impact of the downland on the industry music

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  1. Introduction to the study
    1. Background
    2. Research aim
    3. Key objectives and research questions
    4. Structure of dissertation
  2. Literature review
    1. Introduction
    2. Economic aspect
    3. Cultural aspect
    4. Conclusion
  3. Research aim and methodology
    1. Introduction
    2. Secondary research
    3. Primary research
  4. Analysis of primary research
    1. Opinion of consumers concerning download
    2. Opinion and profil of people who admit to download
    3. Opinion of interviewed people

We examine the impact of the illegal download of music on the music industry. The subject is of topical interest and it will be interesting to analyze the impact of the download on the music industry and the position of the various actors. Our analysis proceeded in three segments. Initially, we drew up a bibliography that enabled us to know the bases of the actual faintness, the figures of the evolution and also the position of the various actors. In the second part, we drew up a questionnaire according to our requirements, which we submitted to a hundred people, without taking account of the age, the socioprofessional category or of the standard of living. Finally, with an aim of perfecting our analysis, we had opportunity of questioning two professionals of the music: a record dealer, and a group "mixing" on illegally downloaded titles.

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