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Project launch - a new product in 2050 (virtual vacation)

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  1. The executive summary
  2. The market (Past, present and future)
  3. Objectives
  4. The marketing strategy
  5. Advertising
  6. Media selection
  7. Schedule
  8. Finance

Real Travel proposes to combine two services in one. Our company offers a very cheap stay abroad to foreign students and allows families to leave their home serene during holiday. In addition to the house supervision, our company relieves the owner from worries about the caring of his pets and plants. Due to the re-opening of frontiers by the government, the general trend to rediscover the world is growing, and also to meet different foreign people. Our company is one of the the first to respond to this widespread demand, thanks to its valued knowledge of international travel. With strong assurances of safety, we can grant each client a secure range of services with assorted options. Already reputable in European countries and in Russia, Real Travel has established itself quickly. We plan to expand the company in the American market in the next five years. We also intend to establish Real Travel in different countries like China, Brazil, Mexico, North Africa, India and Japan in seven to ten years time. To extend our business quickly, a big investment has been allocated for a worldwide advertising campaign. A bigger and better structure should accompany Real Travel's evolution. However, the head office will remain in Switzerland.

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