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Adaptation of a worker to the local problems: French in China

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  1. Introduction
  2. Cultural diversity : Background
    1. Corporate culture: Definition
    2. France: Culture and general organization of work
    3. China seen by the French
    4. China: Culture and general organization of work
    5. France as seen by the Chinese
  3. Difficulties in daily business
    1. Social networks
    2. The language barrier
    3. Chinese pride
    4. Negotiation
    5. Proximity
    6. The power
    7. Work time schedule
    8. Details of the daily routine
  4. Adaptation
    1. Curve 3 weeks
    2. The curve of 6 months
  5. Conclusion

Working abroad as part of an international assignment or other contract inevitably raises many challenges with regard to adaptability. One has to adapt to different cultures, ways of living and study the key points rigorously to live more comfortably in a host country. A host country receives a worker, who has to adapt to the customs and traditions of the country.

Religion, language, and customs have to integrate in order to work correctly to live in this new space and integrate into this new lifestyle. Beyond the adaptability of each, a thorough research work must be done upstream, with a sort of preparation for best address this new life. To make a more precise study, we will focus on issues of adaptation between two very different countries: France and China and base China as host country.

Corporate culture is defined as: "The corporate culture is the set of values, practices and procedures common to all members of a company or organization"

Corporate culture consists of many elements. A nationality: every company is deeply influenced by national origin, its cultural, historical, religious, habits. Values: What are the standards that provide the framework and operation of a social group (which is good and what is not)?

Myths: What are the common beliefs, the events in the history of the company (creation, personality of the founder, milestones) that create the legend? Rituals: what are the practices accepted by all and binding upon all, and prohibitions?

Symbols: what are the components of corporate identity (of fashions, graphic codes, modes of expression)? The corporate culture in each society represents a major and indispensable part of an organization.

French culture is focused on individualism. They live for themselves, for their success and to the satisfaction of their desires. French culture is also beyond their taste for food, a culture of Latin origin. The history of France has pushed us over the centuries to become masters in the field of claims. Queries and complaints are an integral part of our culture and our way of being.

This trait is often referred to by other countries when they talk about us. For us French, this country is "the center of the world. This trait is also reflected in a company. Reluctant to relax, we arrive at a business meeting in "suit and tie?, saying "Sir" and ?present? with all due solemnity. There is often a "plan table" that reflects the function of each participant. And we do, it must be noted, may show a certain arrogance in negotiations.

In general, we are not really aware of what happens "elsewhere". We have access to information, but other cultures do not generate great interest among us. We lock ourselves in our own language and usually show a singular dislike for English. Yet, we are creative and a good technical level.

Tags: French culture, Chinese culture, adaptation of a worker to cultural problems

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